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Journeywoman Twitter Tips of the Day


Evelyn Hannon

Thanks for all your kind words regarding the Journeywoman Tip of the Day I've posted on Twitter for the last little while. Many women have written to ask if I've compiled a list of these tweets. I really hadn't but your queries prompted me to create this list which I hope will inspire readers worldwide to travel safely and well. Enjoy, everybody and forward this advice to all your female friends and relatives. I hope they'll follow me on Twitter as well and ReTweet (RT) the tips they like the best.

I'll keep adding to this list on a weekly basis. If you miss me on Twitter you can find the tips right here and on other sections of this website.

Click here to use our search engine for specific travel needs.

Safe journeys,
Evelyn Hannon
Journeywoman Editor

P.S. To my Journeywoman readers, you might wonder at some of my shorthand spelling. Don't worry; I haven't forgotten my spelling or my grammar. Twitter rules dictate that each message I tweet can only use 140 spaces. These bits of advice are my shorthand versions in order for me to say as much as possible in each tip.

1. Have a cardboard tube cut to fit your bag. Use it to protect artwork you're bringing home.

2. Emergency rehydration remedy easily available as U travel - bananas (potassium) cola (sugar) dry chips (salt).

3. Dining solo? Carry newspaper from home. Keep it in view. It's invite to those who speak your language.

4. Hide emergency $ in old vitamin bottle with few pills in it. Thieves not interested in your Vitamin C.

5. Seek out women born & raised where u plan 2 travel. They're great guides 2 behavior & dress in that culture.

6. Flying with kids? Let them wear their pj's, comfortable & easy to sleep in. Change 2 street clothes at destination.

7. Dress down, not up. You travel to observe not to be observed.

8. Shops printing personalized pens will give away misspelt orders.You can donate these to 3rd world schools.

9. Worried about quality of restaurant or food, order poached eggs. Eggs won't poach if they're rotten.

10. Concerned about dining solo in India? Ask if resto has family room where women & children are served.

11. Businesswomen must not forget a few main items - suit jacket with matching skirt + pants, 2 pairs of shoes, one fabulous lipstick.

12. The light in airplane washrooms is perfect for plucking your eyebrows.

13. Pack hot water bottle. Takes little room but so helpful. Fill with hot or ice water depending on your needs.

14. Taxi service by women for women in Mumbai, India. Priyadarshini Taxi Service Tel. 9323208277

15. Do a pre-travel test with your bag. Pack, walk round a block+up 2 flights of stairs. Now bet u'll take less stuff.

16. Buy regular packs of biscuits+teas in foreign groceries.Take them home+they're now 'imported'+make great gifts

17. Always c.c. yourself when emailing on the road. These notes become your journal at trip's end.

18. Seek out local universities for moderately priced cafeterias, clean washrooms & fun gift shops.

19. Stranger wanting more info about U than U want to give? Tell him you're a policewoman on holiday.

20. Buy t-shirts @ garage sales. Pack them/wear them/give them away as U travel. Leaves room for stuff U buy on the road.

21. Wrap duct tape round+round your travel shampoo bottle. Tape is there when you need it.

22. To carry daily spending $ wear small shoulder purse across chest +under sweater. Pickpockets will hate U.

23. Make laser photocopies of your passport pix. They can be used for ID passes you need on the road.

24. Travelling with kids. Photograph them before entering crowded events. U have ID record should they get lost.

25. Wrap birthday gifts U buy abroad in local newspaper. Add foreign BD card= original when you bring it back.

26. Look like a local.Use grocery shopping bag bought at your destination to carry camera+stuff.

27. Don't put the MAKE UP MY ROOM sign on ur hotel door. It's also a sign to thieves that ur room is empty.

28. Print small cards with UR 1st name,city+email address.These R safe 2 give 2 strangers U meet on the road.

29. Tap water not drinkable? Tie a bow on UR toothbrush to remind U not 2 brush with that water.

30. The more grungy & threadbare your backpack the better. Thieves will not be attracted to it first.

31. Travelling with a pal? Carry 50% of her things in UR bag + vice versa. If 1 bag is lost,UR both still OK.

32. Pregnant? Be sure travel insurance covers possible pregnancy-related conditions+nursery care 4 premature infants.

33. Flight attendants fly 2 the same cities often. Ask them 4 their experienced restaurant+shopping advice


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