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Journeywoman Twitter Tips of the Day


34. In taxis keep UR bag in back seat with U. An angry driver can hold UR bag hostage in his trunk.

35. Out 4 evening? Remove pads frm pushup bra, wrap cash in tissue+put it where pads originally were. $$ safe.

36. Going solo? Carry photo of a BIG man 2 show all who ask where UR husband is? Say UR going 2 meet him now.

37. Plastic hanging shoe organizer perfect 4 travel. At hotel use pockets 4 jewelry, hair clips, etc.

38. Reading a book in the train station? Put a cover on it so touts won't know which language to bug you in.

39. Picnic-ing and forgot UR knife? Dental floss can cut cheese, soft rolls, hard boiled eggs+muffins.

40. Hide UR eyes w/sunglasses.In some cultures making eye contact w/men means U R interested. Avoid bother.

41. UR travel research should include watching at least 1 film that takes place in the area ur going 2.

42. Want to bring back gifts for teenagers when you travel. Look 4 cool locally designed tshirts in street markets.

43. The travel section of your newspaper makes great wrapping paper for Bon Voyage Gifts.

44. Carry UR hotel's business card with U. In an emergency U can call their front desk 4 help/advice.

45. Like purses? The Museum of Bags in Amsterdam contains over 3500 bags+accessories

46. Buy almonds+raisins in bulk. Create individual pkgs 4 ur trip. A healthy, filling inexpensive snack.

47. Sweet gift for toddlers-visit major university in town. They often have tiny tshirts with university logos.

48. Keep a pair of slippers only for travel. This way U don't transfer dust/dirt on hotel floors back 2 UR home.

49. Looking for budget meals in new city? Try asking at small bookshops. Staff can often recommend good ones.

50. A few drops of lavender oil in UR bath+on UR pillow will help U sleep in unfamiliar surroundings.

51. Many hotels supply electric kettles. Carry soup mix+hot chocolate powder 2 fix midnight hunger pangs.

52. In a pinch condoms can hold large amts of water. Can also be filled with ice to create icepack.

53. Trace UR child's feet on pieces of paper. Now you can shop 4 shoes as U travel.

54. Pick up fun postcards in museums or flea markets u visit. They make gr8 gift enclosure cards back home.

55. Like the shop ur in? Take their card + tape it into ur travel diary so u can share ur finds with friends.

56. Buy terry bathrobes from hotels. Theirs are made to withstand many, many washings.

57. Black travel pants, black t-shirt, colorful shawl+sparkly pin for UR hair+ UR ready 4 any fancy evening.

58. Biking trip? Tape insurance#, allergies + bloodtype inside UR helmet; in case of injury it will B removed.

59. Biking holiday? In case of big injury tape UR name, insurance#, allergies+bloodtype inside ur helmet.

60. Lighten UR load. Pack only 2 wash+wear white shirts. Each day wash1/wear1. Style with shawl+jewelry,etc.

61. Wackiest advice yet! Emergency slippers made from MaxiPads

62. Slippers should not B worn on takeoff or landing incase of accident or fire+plane must B evacuated fast.

63. When traveling balloons are easy to stash in a pocket ready to entertain kiddies U meet along the way.

64. Buy Dollar Store mini photo album. Stash emergency travel $ between pix of family+pets.Gr8 hiding place.

65. Carry a light scarf. Tie ur computer to ur luggage cart. A thief can't just pick it up+slip away.

66. No hand soap? Use toothpaste. It cleans UR teeth. Why not UR hands?


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