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Journeywoman Twitter Tips of the Day


67. Exercise on planes. A 747 is 400' frm nose to tail+back. 13 plane laps=1 mile (less if ur nt in 1st).

68. Put passport#/flight/hotel deets on inside cover of book ULL read on plane. Now filling in landing card is cinch.

69. Traveling with tots? Pop UR business card in their pocket; if child wanders off there's ID to connect you.

70. Training for a trek? Wear your hiking boots, carry backpack+workout on treadmill.

71. In China-never gift a married men with a green hat. It suggests his wife has been unfaithful.

72. Tea towels that reflect a destination are gr8 gifts. They're light/pack easily/inexpensive/always useful.

73. In a cafe, never put UR bag on the floor next to UR chair. To avoid theft make sure it's always on your lap.

74. Be culturally correct. I'm told in S. Pacific it's more important to cover UR thighs than UR breasts.

75. When packing molded bras - stuff cups with panties so they hold their shape. Saves space in UR bag, too.

76. When traveling pop into post office. For pennies U can buy colorful foreign stamps as gifts 4 kiddies

77. Lost screw from eyeglasses? Strip paper cover from a wire twist. Use wire to replace screw+U can see again.

78. Tape UR business card both to the bottom of UR computer+the inside of UR computer case. Might come in handy.

79. Avoid rooms with balconies on 1st+2nd fl. of hotels/hostels. These rooms R easier 4 thieves 2 get into.

80. Pop a deck of cards into UR bag. Play Solitaire on long flights, Bridge with new friends, Fish with kids.

81. Pick up a rain cape in the dollar store. They come in a tiny pack +will cover U+UR backpack in the rain.

82. Toilets stalls in rural China often dont have doors. Open an umbrella in front of U 4 privacy.

83. Travelling with little ones? Carry UR camera+some emergency$ in UR diaper bag. Thieves not interested in diapers.

84. Leave address book behind. Instead create sheet with main contacts @ home+travel contacts U plan 2 meet.

85. Beat the heat. Up early. Outdoors until 10AM THEN brunch in A/C. Sightsee/siesta indoors until 4PM. UR cool.

86. Cold weather travel? Pack 2 pairs of silk long johns,1 for day+1 pair to sleep in. Light/warm/dries fast.

87. On special diet? Have concierge write UR food needs in the local language so U can use in restaurants.

88. Save UR $$. Carry empty plastic water bottle thru customs. Fill it from fountain after going thru.

89. Back 2 School Specials featuring stylish pencil boxes. Buy them now 2 store earrings+makeup when traveling.

90. B4 traveling check online newspapers at UR destination 2 B up to date on news

91. Visiting a pub? Ask for a few of their beer coasters. These R gr8 souvenirs 4 serving drinks at home.

92. Simple yet imp! Carry contact info 4 ur MD with u. If ur ill abroad the dr u see can consult with MD at home.

93. Finished ur book? Sign w/date+ destination. Pass it on 2 next traveler. Send it round the world.

94. When traveling treat yourself+save $. Eat late lunch @ posh restaurant. Far cheaper than their evening menu.

95. Flying with young kids? Aisle seats a no-no. U want 2 protect little hands and feet from heavy service cart.

96. Don't scald yourself. Letter C on shower faucet could mean COLD or HOT (caldo, caliente, chaud).

97. Pack your pedometer. It's fun to see how many steps you took+calories you burned while sightseeing.

98. Keep free city map from UR hotel. Circle fav spots. Take it home+file 4 when U or pals plan to return.

99. If U Jog in foreign destinations stay safe by changing UR route daily so it won't B obvious 2 others.

100. Guilty cuz U haven't seen enough museums? Forget it+go play. The French don't go 2 the Louvre every day.

101. Put large garbage bag under+over contents of UR suitcase. Good protection if airline unloads bags in rain.


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