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Making Friends on the Open Road...

Log on to Open an account and put out a call for information. You'll be amazed at the wealth of knowledge that comes back to you about women's organizations around the world.


Do you know about This is a free online directory of women willing to mentor women as you travel to their part of the world. Some great travel friendships have been formed via this website. You can read comments here.

Ed. Note: We all know that cyberspace is imperfect. Please test any online relationship before you provide personal information in your correspondence. If you and your mentor choose to meet in her city please do so in a busy place like a restaurant, shopping mall or train station. Good luck with this travel connection and have fun with it!


Are you a teacher, lawyer or doctor that belongs to a professional organization at home? Through them you can connect with professional women's groups around the world. If you're in town on the right date, try attending one of their monthly meetings or excursions.


Do you enjoy public speaking? Make yourself available to speak to women's groups when you are abroad. Don't charge for your informal talk. It will establish a lot of good will and new friends in the city you are visiting. For example: If you'd like to meet and mingle with a whole range of empowered business women in Tokyo, come along as a guest to one of the monthly FEW (For Empowered Women) networking events. You can check their website at:


Check out expatriate websites like and make connections with some of the women there. Ask how you can meet them, help them. You'll be amazed at the reception that generally comes your way.


Are you a runner? To get you started here is a SiteJogging jogging tour in Rome. You could join other travelers for fun and exercise when you're away.


Ifyou have a special interest, pursue it at your destination. For example: Are you a bridge player? Google your destination to track down a club that welcomes visitors. For example, check this link in London England.


Check museum bulletin boards and websites for the Singles Nights many of them advertise. This is always a good opportunity to munch and mingle in good company. Here's some example listings for singles museum events across North America.


Bonus -- I met my friend on a solo rail journey...

Twenty-two years ago I met Soo-Tsu on a train going from Chicago to Albuquerque. He and his family were from Malaysia; Soo-Tsu had just graduated from university in the USA. He was twenty-two then and I was fifty-eight. Despite our age difference we spoke for three days as the train crossed the country. I remember how intelligent and gentle he was then.

The next time I met Soo-Tsu was when he was travelling through Canada a few years later. Without hesitation I offered him accommodation in my home and he was just as pleasant then as had been during our first encounter. Many years passed and we kept in touch sporadically. Several years ago Soo-Tsu, who is now living in Singapore, read about me in a local magazine. He contacted me via email and I, in turn, promised to call him if my travels ever took me to Singapore.

I travelled to Singapore last year and we met for breakfast before I flew back to Penang. Soo-Tsu is now 42 years old, much more worldly than the young student I first encountered. He has already earned a bit of gray in his hair; he is as polite, clever and considerate as I remembered him to be many years ago. Once again there were no silences in our conversation.

Evelyn Hannon, Editor,

More ways to meet people as you travel....

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