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International Woman's Day 2015 Photo Exhibit

What Makes a Great Journeywoman Travel Tip?

Editor Evelyn Hannon

When preparing your tips for please think first about why you value the specific advice in our newsletter and at our website. We believe that If you wanted regular travel advice you probably could find it via any number of excellent guidebooks or websites. What makes our tips different is that we're always thinking of the needs of women. That doesn't necessarily mean 'for women-only' (although those tips are most welcome, too). Basically, we just look at a hotel, restaurant or event from a woman's point of view. Were you comfortable there? If you were it probably wasn't because of the wide-screen TV broadcasting football in the bar. You might have liked it because the washrooms were immaculate and beautifully appointed. Did you feel safe? How were you treated? Was it a bargain? What was extra special about it? Now write your tips as if you were giving advice to your favorite girlfriend. Please send them to: Put 'My 2015 Contribution' in the subject line.

Twelve categories to think about...

1. Accommodation -- Tell us about a B&B, moderate hotel, hostels, college dorm, organizations that allow travelers to stay in each other's homes on a short term basis. If the place is owned or run by a woman, if there is a female concierge let us know about that, too.

2. Restaurants -- These dining spots are either in your hometown or in the cities that you have visited. Look for cleanliness. interesting decor and food, moderate prices, special big splurge stops and female-friendly service.

3. Clothing advice -- Advise other women on what is culturally correct in your part of the world or in a foreign country that you know well. We're looking for everyday clothing, clothing worn at religious sites, office attire and what to wear to weddings or funerals.

4. Books you've read -- Tell us about women & travel guides or those that help us to understand the history and culture of a country.

5. Religious sites -- Tell us about sites you have visited that were spiritually inspiring, ones you feel other travelling women will enjoy as well.

6. Safety tips -- What unique things do you do to keep yourself and your possessions safe?

7. Advice on travelling with children -- Whether you've been to capital cities or small towns with kiddies, send us tips for keeping children occupied, interesting places to visit, great toy stores, child-friendly hotels, etc.

8. Off the beaten track things for a woman to see and do -- In this case we are looking for the lesser tourist attractions. i.e. all guidebooks will tell you about the Eiffel Tower in Paris. You might have found a wonderful creperie run by women around the corner from the Tower. We want to hear about those kinds of places and things to do.

9. Shopping advice -- We're looking for neighbourhood shops or exciting department stores around the world. What did you buy there that you couldn't find at home? What did you bring back as gifts?

10. English expat organizations away from home -- Do you belong to a Female Lawyers Association in Hong Kong or a Teachers Club in Prague, etc.? Do you welcome foreign visitors to meetings? Is there a yoga club in Beijing? Do you know of an English language library in your European city or town? All these things are very helpful bits of advice for women travellers.

11. Do you have tricks for dealing with loneliness or harassment? -- Others will certainly benefit from your advice.

12. Tips for staying healthy -- Do you exercise along the way? What health aids or over the counter medicines do you carry with you for which countries?


What makes a good tip...

1. Word count -- No more than 150 - 200 words. If you can do it in 125 words or less that's even better.

2. Style -- Your own unique female-centered style is what we're looking for but try to be concise.

3. Content -- Always provide contact information and/or a website for the places you write about.

4. Identify yourself -- Each tip should include your first name (no last name necessary), city and country.

5. Write only about first-hand experiences -- If you find something in a newspaper or magazine please include your source so we can acknowledge it.




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