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What Makes a Great Travel Partner

dingbats star I like to travel with someone who has no expectations, who is willing to go off the beaten path, meet and speak with the locals and experience life from a new perspective. Also someone who would rather stay away from the "touristy" places and venture out on our own unique adventure.
(Victoria Clark, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada)

dingbats star Someone who loves the history of a place not just the shopping.
(Toosie Fearon Spense, Goderich , Ontario, Canada)

dingbats star I like to travel with someone who is happy to strike up conversations with other people, so it's not just the two of you. Also, someone who doesn't have to be joined at the hip, so you can do two things in a city and then get happily back together.
(Pamela Boden Smith, Lakewood, Ohio, USA)

dingbats star When I was younger my grandmother often said that if you truly want to know someone, either live or travel with them. So, having a good sense of humor is a good start.
(Beatriz Pithon, Salvador, Brazil)

dingbats star I like to travel with someone who packs light, is open to the road less travelled and doesn't need to talk all the time. One with similar taste in books also helps so we can share books (less to carry and more to discuss)
(Sharon O'Hara, Vancouver,BC, Canada)

dingbats star My ideal partner is Respectful. Trustworthy. Patience. Flexible.
(Gwendolyn Faye Holbein, New York City, USA)

dingbats star I like someone who understands that I need extra time to climb stairs.
(A. Marie Sherlock, Toronto, Canada)

dingbats star I found that I like travelling with someone who is different from me in lots of ways. For me, giving in and travelling down a road that wasn't my first choice seems to be a more interesting experience than travelling with someone who is perfectly in sync with my choices.
(Donna Clark, Minneapolis, USA)

dingbats star Respects my need for space and silence sometimes.
(Margaret Nan Thomas, Dundas, Ontario, Canada)

dingbats star Someone who can tolerate my snoring and who doesn't need to go, go, go every minute.
(Diane, Tucson, Arizona, USA)

dingbats star Someone who is adventuresome, open to local culture and customs, doesn't want only to shop, is willing to brave restaurants without tourists or English -speaking staff, will try a bit of the language and loves art and architecture.
(Susan Buckley McCreight, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

dingbats star I like to travel with someone who can still Marvel!
(Diane Gagné, Montreal, Quebec, Canada)


Women's words on friendship three tiny hearts

There's no friend like someone
who knows you since you were five.
(Anne Stevenson, 1977)

I felt it shelter to speak to you.
(Emily Dickenson, 1894)

hand and quill

Friendship is the bread of the heart.
(Mary Mitford, 1853)

True friends are those who know you
But love you anyway.
(Edna Buchanan, 1995)

It's the ones you can call up
At 4:00 AM that matter.
(Marlene Dietrich, 1979)


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