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What Makes a Great Travel Partner

Compiled by Evelyn Hannon

We asked our Journeywoman Facebook Community, 'What qualities do you appreciate in a travel partner?' It provoked a very lively conversation from women living in North America to Brazil, Israel, New Zealand and Australia. There were, of course, duplications in the comments; we've tried to include all the main ideas listed. Thanks very much to everyone who took part in this informal survey. It was great fun reviewing all your answers!

Are you the ideal travel partner? How many of the following qualities do you possess?

dingbats star I like a companion who isn't in a hurry to go to one place, and miss all the stuff in between here and there. I like to take my time in a new place and just soak in everything around me.
(Karen Gough, Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

dingbats star My travel partner has got to be neat!
(Patricia Sands, Oakville, Canada)

dingbats star Someone who doesn't want to drink all night and sleep in late. I appreciate an early riser who wants to explore slowly throughout the whole day, either on foot or by using cheap local transport.
(Emillie Sterling, Adelaide, Australia)

dingbats star Be it large or small, I like to travel with someone who has allotted the same travel budget for the trip as I have.
(Jennifer L. Billinger, Clermont, Florida, USA)

dingbats star Someone who has taken the time to learn what is culturally correct in manner and dress at our chosen destination. (Evelyn, Toronto, Canada)

dingbats star I like to travel with someone who is flexible, willing to change our plans if something interesting comes up. Also, someone who does as much research into the destination as I do.
(Lauraine Braithwaite, Altadena, California, USA)

dingbats star A good travel partner is someone who has a sense of adventure.
(Dorie Kelly, Connecticut, USA)

dingbats star I read this years ago - the best friendships are those in which you both have the same dislikes, not likes. When you hit the road this becomes more apparent.
(Jane Combs, Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada

dingbats star My best travel partner likes to wander and throw out the itinerary from time to time.
(Linda, Heslegrave,Toronto, Canada)

dingbats star I like to travel with someone who has the same appreciation for different cultures as me (especially the different food) and knows how to have fun.
(Ruth Green, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada)

dingbats star Someone who loves history and art. Someone who is flexible, likes to mooch around new places and strike up conversations with all sorts of people. This person should also love shopping and markets, who doesn't mind an extravagance every now and then and is happy to run a "kitty" for joint expenses without watching that, every time, we run up the same amount. Someone who is usually punctual and doesn't snore!
(Margaret Byrne, Melbourne, Australia)

dingbats star Someone who is ready to pack as much into each day as possible! You never know if you will get back.
(Mary Wales, Sundre, Alberta, Canada)

dingbats star Someone who enjoys sharing their food - much more fun when you get to try more dishes. Someone with the same travel goals as you. Disastrous if you want to relax and be spontaneous, and you're with someone who has an agenda and wants to go, go, go (and vice versa).
(Deborah Siu, Vancouver, Canada)

dingbats star Someone who can adjust when the unexpected happens and has a good sense of humor.
(Ellen Brady, Aurora, Illinois, USA)

dingbats star I travel best with a companion who lets me go where I want and when I want even if she is not inclined to join me - then we can meet up for dinner!
(Sunny Holtzman, Tel Aviv, Israel)

dingbats star I love to travel with people who have an expertise in an area that I know little about. For example, I love walking in a city with someone who points out interesting aspects in the architecture. I get my own personal guide!
(Evelyn Hannon,Toronto, Canada)

dingbats star Above all I like flexibility in a partner. Someone who sticks to a rigid schedule/itinerary, or who has a checklist of things they want to do in a particular place and won't deviate from it, is unlikely to get along with me.
(Paula Lozar, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)

dingbats star I like to travel with someone who doesn't have to fill in the gaps when there's silence in conversation, can appreciate beauty, be adaptable, flexible and comfortable if I'd like time alone to explore for an few hours. Someone who's quick to smile, not judge while experiencing another culture and willing to stay in a apartment in an actual neighbor hood to be one among many.
(Bettina Jones, Stamford, Connecticut, USA)

dingbats star I need a partner who is not dragging a huge piece of luggage filled with a new outfit for every day and who doesn't need a suitcase just for her cosmetics.
(Anonymous world traveler)


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