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International Women's Day 2015
Celebrating 'Every-Woman' around the world...

Wonder Woman
(Source: Wikipedia)

'Wonder Woman is a super heroine who appears in comic books. She is a warrior princess known in her homeland as Princess Diana. She's gifted with many powers and skills, a heroine who stands for justice, love, peace, caring and gender equality. I like to believe that more than a bit of Wonder-Woman exists in Every-Woman around the world.'

Curating this annual International Women's Day tribute to females worldwide is my labour of love. I am indepted to the bloggers and photographers who each year are never too busy to answer my call for photo submissions. The entrants range from professionals who earn their living taking photos, to photography hobbyists, to those of us who use our photography to illustrate our travel stories. Each is equally valid. Each offers a personal point of view. Every one a mini story of a woman somewhere in this great big world.

Evenlyn Hannon, Editor,

Mother & Daughter, Maasai village, Northern Tanzania

I was filming Maasai for an NGO and came up with the idea to shoot outdoor portraits with studio light. This photo of communication between mother and daughter was taken in the Maasai village - Boma, Arusha area, Northern Tanzania.

Photographer: Vladimir Pcholkin Website:

Colonial Center of Quito

While exploring the Colonial Center of Quito, Ecuador we came upon this beautiful old woman dressed in traditional garb. We timidly asked if it was okay to snap her photo, she not only kindly agreed, but sent us on our way with a blessing.

Photographer: Veronica James Website:

Gardner, Fort Langley National Historical Site

Women are always ready to lend a helping hand. This is Fort Langley National Historical Site, where the Hudson's Bay Co. established the colony of British Columbia 150 years ago. The site continues to thrive thanks to heritage volunteers such as this hearty Canadian woman.

Photographer: Ursula Maxwell-Lewis

Geisha, Kyoto, Japan

I met this geisha in Kyoto, Japan. She was gracious, sophisticated and beautiful in traditional dress. I wish I had had more time to spend in her company.

Photographer: Evelyn Hannon Website:

Homemade tempeh, Indonesia

While on a tour of Indonesia, I was invited into this woman's home where she showed us how to make tempeh. Although she was smiling as I was leaving, when she paused to pose for this photo, she looked directly into the camera with an intense gaze.

Photographer: Janice Waugh Website:

Friends in Lecce, Italy

In Lecce, Italy two old friends embrace like only two friends can. Both grandmothers, both masters in their particular art. The one in the apron, a papier mache artisan, the other, an Italian cooking teacher.

Photographer: Lee Laurino Website:

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Noelsa is the single mom of five who lives in one of the rural communities one hour from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She recently decided to complete grade eight and so she spends every Saturday at school. Her goal is to find a better job so she can provide a better life for her family and serve as an example for her children. She blew me away with her determination.

Photographer: Katja Wulfers Website:


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