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International Women's Day 2016

I live in Bangalore and this photo was taken when I visited a temple in Harihara. I found these two women chatting, so completely immersed in their world. Be it urban, buzzing cities or small towns like this one, women everywhere bond, share and support in each other in myriad ways. As a female, I see myself in this picture.

Photographer: Usha B N Website:
Instagram: @ushabn08

I photographed this woman when I visited with the Karan Tribe in Chang Mei, Northern Thailand. This neck ring adornment was started when the girls were five or six years old and the neck grows longer as additional rings are added with each passing year. Legend has it that this was done to make the women unattractive so they would be less likely to be captured by slave traders. I noticed young girls in the village who did not have this ring adornment. Perhaps this means that the practice is dying out.

Photographer: Vicki Garside Website:
Instagram: @maketimetoseetheworld

Traveling through the Rize Ayder Valley in Turkey we spent one evening in a small country chalet. The next morning we received a lovely treat. This young woman was part of a troupe of folk dancers that entertained us in the very rustic dining room. She was absolutely stunning and graciously posed for photographs.

Photographer: Evelyn Hannon Website:
Instagram: @EvelynHannon

I took this photo of a woman preparing bread in Istanbul, Turkey. She was sitting in the front window of a restaurant. It worked. We picked that restaurant for lunch.

Photographer: Suzanne Fluhr Website:
Instagram: @boomeresque2

In Munich it was a chaotic scene with thousands of people milling around enjoying the usual Oktoberfest beer, music and festivities. I spied this older pretzel lady and for a brief moment I was reminded of my own German Grandmother. It was almost like she was there with me and that made me smile.

Photographer: Sue Reddel Website:
Instagram: @foodtravelist

Tamang people are the largest Tibeto-Burman ethnic group within Nepal. Unlike Nepalis, who are Hindu, Tamang are Buddhist, however their form of Buddhism incorporates many aspects of their original Bon religion, which was animistic. As such, ancestor worship and appeasing the spirits are important aspects of their form of Tibetan Buddhism. This woman I photographed has made a pilgrimage to visit Swayambhu, one of the most important Buddhist stupas in all of Nepal. She is performing the ritual of lighting candles for her deceased ancestors.

Photographer: Barbara Weibel Website:
Instagram: @holeinthedonut


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