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International Women's Day 2016

Life in the Great Rift Valley of Tanzania is harsh; the very dry climate yields little water and the Maasai people live on a diet of exclusively meat, blood, and milk. The women, highly decorated with beads draped on their necks and hanging from elongated earlobes, are usually one of many wives. This family of eleven women share one husband.

Photographer: Veronica James Website:
Instagram: @gypsynester

Peggy lives in Calistoga, California. I met her one morning having breakfast at the local cafe. We struck up a conversation and I asked her about the murals I noticed on the side of buildings a few blocks away. She offered to walk with me and explain about the art and the artist, Carlo Marchiore who often incorporates images of friends and residents into his murals. In this photo I photographed Peggy proudly posing in front of her own image.

Photographer: Penny Sadler Website:
Instagram: @adventuresofacarryon

I took the photo while being jostled and hustled by street vendors outside the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, India. While most were young men converging on me with offers of postcards, trinkets and feathered fans, this sales woman did not. She simply walked with measured pace back and forth among the tourists, a look of determination on her face – never smiling – her hair a bit windblown. She's one of those people you happen upon in your travels that you can’t forget and you wish you’d have gotten to know.

Photographer: Jackie Smith Website:
Instagram: @travelnwrite

This woman was a dancer at the International Carnival of Victoria in Seychelles. What is so special about this carnival is that the acts and dancers come from top carnivals all over the world, so it's truly an international coming together of cultures. The goal is to promote harmony that goes beyond skin colour and differing cultural beliefs, and I thought the joy on this dancer's face represents the joyful, and truly moving, spirit of the carnival.

Photographer: Carol Perehudoff Website:
Instagram: @wanderingcarol

Woman in Detroit, USA at an outdoor festival dressed as Bessie Coleman. "Queen Bess" is the first female pilot of African American and Native American descent. She had to go to France first to be accepted into an aviation school. That was in 1921. So, she was also first to have an international pilot's license.

Photographer: Elizabeth Pilar Website:
Instagram: @elizabeth_pilar

Save a Child's Heart is an Israeli based organization that has saved the lives of over 3,700 children who needed cardiac care. These young patients arrive from Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, and throughout the Middle East. Most children travel with their moms who care for their children pre and post surgery. I am in awe of these women. They are "on" 24/7. These moms, most quite young and never having been too far from their village...they also need friendship, support, someone to help them over the rough patches of worrying about children left behind, their own child having surgery, or just missing home. And where is it more natural for moms to bond and to let go a bit and have fun than in the kitchen. It is here they have a bit of normalcy, and being with the ladies time...time to let go a bit and giggle and tell "stories" and just be themselves.

Photographer: Sheila Shalhevet Website:

I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the annual flower festival. This three-day celebration is held every year on the first weekend of February. I was in the right place at the right time. This beautiful young woman asked 'me' to take a picture of 'her.' Lucky me!

Photographer: Mihaela Popa Website:
Instagram: @worldtravel.bug


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Clever Travel Companion - 100% Pickpocket Proof

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