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This Month's Hot Deals

International Women's Day 2016

I took this photo outside a famous mosque in Old Delhi, India. I was so moved by the strength of the woman in the photo as she carried the bricks, and by how the colors and beauty of the women's clothes contrasted with the weight of the work.

Photographer: Lillie Marshall Website:
Instagram: @WorldLillie

At nearly 80-years-young, Aunt Nahid, has been weaving Persian rugs made from wool and silk for as long as she can remember. She is my husband's aunt, and as the matriarch of her family she lives in Kashan, Iran. Although she does have a template sitting on her loom, she rarely looks at it as she works. I was in awe as I watched her weave. It seemed as if she could do so with one hand tied behind her back and oh, what I would have given to make that rug my own!

Photographer: Patti Maghamfar Website:
Instagram: @oneroadatatime

This portrait of a young Israeli soldier was taken at the finish of her "up-a-mountain-overnight" exercise. I was very pleased that it was chosen to be used in the Jeep Commercial that was aired during the 2016 Super Bowl. It's a tribute to the strength of women and one of my favorite portraits from my three years of service as a military photographer.

Photographer: Asher Svidensky Website:
Instagram: @ashersvidensky

I was in Sri Lanka for a month and hired a car and driver. As we rose into the hills of the central highlands, I spotted this woman picking tea at one of the larger estates. I was able to lean out of the window as we whipped by and the second after I took this photo, I waved, and she waved back as we drove off. If I'd been able to stop I would have loved to exchange a few words with her...

Photographer: Leyla Giray Alyanak Website:
Instagram: @womenontheroadpix

Nepal's Kathmandu is an incredible city. It's full of life, there's another hidden square or monument around every corner and the people are so incredibly friendly. While negotiating the maze of winding streets in the Old Town, we were inundated with hellos from passersby; left, right and then from above. These three girls smiled and waved at us as from a rooftop as we went passed. They chatted to us for a few minutes before asking us to take their picture and then their hysterical laughing began.

Photographer: Brian Barry Website:
Instagram: @WanderingOn

In my career in the kitchen I have been yelled at by many a chef, but none can equal the steely stare of this little women. Standing all of 4'8" Juanita is a mother, grandmother and a plucky entrepreneur. She and her daughter run a small food stand in in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. She stands on a wooden box to reach the grill, and if I weren't a paying customer she would have tossed me and my fancy camera out on my ear. Best damn chicken in town.

Photographer: Cori Horton Website:
Instagram: @foodgypsy


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