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International Women's Day 2016

This young Himba woman in Namibia is stirring corn maize into boiling water over a live fire to make mealy. While co-existing with a world which is homogenizing their clothing and culture to fit in the Western styles, many Himba prefer the traditional dress and lifestyle. This is something I greatly respect. When I photographed this girl with her silky smooth skin, her hair plaited with ocher and her beautiful collection of jewelry, I thought to myself how exquisite she looks even in the midst of the most menial of chores.

Photographer: Shara Johnson Website:

Satao Elerai Camp is situated about 10 kms from the south east corner of Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Overlooked by Mt Kilimanjaro, the camp is leased from the local Masai tribe. Their relationship is interesting. Apart from paying rent, Satao Elerai helps support the village and together they work towards conserving the land and protecting the wildlife from poachers. The Masai women here are very proud. They are happy to work with the camp and do their bit to help by making the wonderful neck pieces and earrings that they wear.

Photographer: Jenny Freedman Website:
Instagram: @atasteoftravel

A popular fashion accessory for centuries, hats are de rigeur during Carnival season in Mobile, Alabama, USA where Mardi Gras celebrations started in 1831, nearly two decades before the tradition spread to New Orleans.

Photographer: Rebecca McCormick Website:
Instagram: @gobrilliantly

It was an early Saturday morning in Canada, and we hit up the Fredericton, New Brunswick Farmer's Market for breakfast. We followed our noses to this lovely bakery stand, where the bakers were all smiles, despite the early hour. Several loaves of bread later, we were that happy, too.

Photographer: Dr. Jessie Voigts Website:
Instagram: @wanderingeducators

While traveling throughout Tamil Nadu in southern India, we came across a traditional Athangudi tile operation on the road from Thanjavur to Madurai. This woman was preparing the large tile frames for her son, who then inserted a piece of glass and poured in a mixture of clay and concrete to make colorful patterns. Although we couldn't speak to each other, we shared a few laughs when I tried my hand at creating a design.

Photographer: Brianne Miers Website:
Instagram: @brimiers

This is Bex, my granddaughter. She is the youngest and most mischievous in our clan. The last time she visited my home she looked around and declared, 'Everything here is very old.' That's not so terrible in itself except I swear she was looking directly at ME. I have no doubt that when the time comes she will be front and center in the push for gender equality.

2016 Photo Exhibit Curator: Evelyn Hannon
Instagram: @EvelynHannon

We've listed the websites of all the generous people involved with this project. Please explore more of their work. You never know where that journey will take you.

(Photo Credit: Elizabeth Pilar Old Woman With Umbrella)
International Womens Day 2016
Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman


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