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International Women's Day Photo Exhibit 2016
Dedicated to all our daughters and granddaughters ...

Curated by Evelyn Hannon

I recently spied a playful sign in a craft market that read, 'Who Runs The World... Girls Do!' Now, of course I understand full well that girls do not, indeed, run the world. Men do. That's a fact!

Yet, I bought one of those signs for each one of my granddaughters. Why? To inspire them to work hard and to demand the gender equality they need, want, and deserve.

(Photo credit: Betsy Wuebker Thai School Girls on a Field Trip)

As I add the finishing touches to our '2016 Journeywoman International Woman's Day Photography Exhibit,' I dedicate this year's compilation to all daughters and granddaughters wherever they live in this great big world. My hope is that with time this young generation of females will bring us closer to a place of equal opportunity for women and for men. As Mothers, Aunts, and Grandmothers we believe in them and will do everything we can to support them.

Curating this annual International Woman's Day tribute to females worldwide is my labour of love. I am indepted to the bloggers and photographers who each year are never too busy to answer my call for photo submissions. The entrants range from professionals who earn their living taking photos, to photography hobbyists, to those of us who use our photography to illustrate our travel stories. Each is equally valid. Each offers a personal point of view. Every one a mini story of a woman somewhere in this great big world.

I met this beautiful woman in India. Her modest home consisting of dirt floors and walls was spotless and she beamed with pride as she welcomed me inside. I watched her squat by the meagre fire to prepare chapati; it was magical to watch her hands swiftly slapping the dough to prepare it for the hot skillet. The result was quite possibly the most delicious bread I will ever taste, prepared with such care and love.

Photographer: Paula Roy Website:
Instagram: @paulajroy

I was in Myanmar where I hiked to a hill tribe for a homestay with a local family. When I arrived I met this visiting grandmother and baby whose name translated to 'Diamond Star'. After playing the universal game of Peekaboo, Diamond was as taken with me as I was with her. When Grandma bundled her up on her back to leave, I captured this photo.

Photographer: Jane Canapini Website:
Instagram: @grownuptravels

These lovely bridesmaids from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovnia, are sisters of the bride and groom respectively. The small wedding party walked into the restaurant where we were lunching for photographs. All eyes were on the bride except mine.

Photographer: Betsy Wuebker Website:
Instagram: @passingthrucom

My guide and I were visiting Bhutan's Chimi Lhakhang, a temple on a hill in the Punakha Valley. Young monks and children were playing in the grass surrounding the temple. One group of three children approached me to take photos of them making silly faces and showing them on the camera display. This quickly evolved into a silliest face contest. This girl had no problem with me taking her photo, but she wasn't interested in making silly faces with her friends.

Photographer: Matt Gibson Website:
Instagram: @xpattmatt

This photo that I treasure was taken in a remote village in Uganda where I did volunteer work last year. Three Mammas, with their babies on their backs, posed for me on their way back from working in the fields.

Photographer: Ruth Johnston Website:
Instagram: @exploramum

Having been given a new camera, I drafted my friend Kat to help me test out its features on the shores of Nevis (my current island home). Designed to capture fast paced movement and fleeting moments, we decided to mess around with the camera and water balloons to see what we could achieve with the set up. I love how I was able to capture the look of delight on Kat's face as the water exploded!

Photographer: Charli Moore Website:
Instagram: @WanderlustersUK


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