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Africa, a 17 year old, his camera, and his inner musings...

"My name is Josh. I am seventeen years old.

I am a photographer and I have a dream.

Recently I was invited to Kenya by ...

To experience first-hand the work that they are doing.

This was a life-changing event for me. It made me question things.

It made me think about my values.

Here is my photo journal, a diary of the images I captured and what those images taught me.

My dream is to return to Africa to help carry on the awesome work that is being done by"

Josh M.

Josh in Africa

What I learned from the land of Africa ...

Josh in Africa

Until I got to Kenya I never liked waking up early. In Africa I would be up and ready by 6:30 am so I could meet with a Maasai Warrior and go for a walk through the savannah. We would walk through the dewy grass, straight into the rising sun. He would teach me about the flora and fauna of the area. For example, the Sandpaper Tree is a tree with leaves so like sandpaper that the warriors could smooth and sand their weapons with it. I cherished these morning walks and always awaited the next one. They were some of the most peaceful times of my day.

Josh in Africa

What I love so much about the Masai Mara are the plants. Each tree, each bush, each flower, they all have some type of unique, interesting texture and detail that's hard to find in North American plants. You will never get tired of just walking through the savannah and gazing at the finite details, each line, each leaf, each plant.

Josh in Africa

The Yellow Bark Acacia is a deadly, yet marvelous tree. It's another example of the exaggerated beauty of Kenya. The thorns, the size of your finger, can pierce through your shoes if you aren't careful. The Maasai Warriors of the Mara use this plant in many different ways. One use being a toothpick. Creative, right?

Josh in Africa

Being in Kenya has taught me many things. A lesson that definitely stands out is that sometimes you need to look at things from a different angle, a different perspective. For example, the flowers you see in this photo are only a mere few feet off the ground. Yet, here it seems like they grew straight to the sky. This is the way I'm learning to look at everything in life. Something seems too hard for you? Try looking at it from a different perspective.

Josh in Africa

Meet one of the LAST two White Rhinos in Kenya. I had the pleasure of seeing them while on a safari on the Masai Mara National Reserve. These animals have been poached left and right for their horns. Because of the circumstances they have guards with assault rifles watching the two rhinos 24 hours a day. If left unattended, poachers may be successful in wiping this species right out of Kenya. I wonder, why does good sometimes come in such small quantities?

Click here to meet the wonderful people I met and the hardships they face...


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