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75 Realistic Tips for Traveling with a Partner

Cooperation 101...

I use a book light
I like to stay up late reading but my travel partner likes to close the light early. Once I learned this, I bought myself a tiny book light that shines only on my reading material and now we're both happy.
Alison, Boston, USA
I use a sleep mask
My best friend is a night owl and a late riser. We find a sleep mask (my favorite is silk) and earplugs can be invaluable. Also, do not feel like you have to do everything together if you have different interests. Take a good book and allow some times apart. P.S. I love the concept of your newsletter. It gives us travel lovers more boldness to go it alone or with a female friend. Be blessed!
Nan, Jacksonville, Florida
Together and apart
My partner and I studied up on our Paris destination and put together a flexible itinerary before we left. That way, we were able to make sure that sights important to each of us would be included. We built in unscheduled time for new discoveries, and we took one day to go our own separate ways. It was fun sharing our independent adventures over dinner that evening!
Elizabeth, Rochester, USA
Surprise her
On holidays, my mom and I take turns finding a restaurant for dinner. We make it a surprise. The other person has no idea where we'll be eating until she gets there. Just a bit of fun!
Debra, Manitoba, Canada
Dress appropriately
Don't embarass or endanger your travel pal. Know when to wear long sleeves, cover your head, etc. People are judged by the company they keep and your partner will be harassed along with you if you (for example) wear short shorts and tank top in India.
Tara, Delhi, India
Share food specialties
A favorite part of our travels is the amazing local foods. So we can enjoy as many taste experiences as possible in one meal, my travel pal selects one course that appeals to her, and I choose another that I like. We share both, enjoy each other's selections, don't overeat (though we often find room for a dessert) and save money as well.
Claire, Black Rock, Australia
A little gift is lovely
My college pal and I continue to travel with each other at least once a year. At the end of our holiday we always give each other a tiny gift that is made locally. It's a souvenir of the time we spent together. Great minds think alike. One year we each bought the same thing -- a bar of lavender hand soap in France.
Evin, Bermuda
Spend your time not hers
Remember you are on holiday to see the sights and smell the smells not to be looking for internet cafes to keep in touch with loved ones whilst your friend is thinking she should have travelled alone. Organise before hand as to when is the best time for both of you to do things separately.
Sue, Davis, USA
Who is in charge this year?
My high school friend and I still travel together. We alternate every year about who decides where to go. Once it is decided, the person choosing picks spots of interest to her, while the other person takes care of all the arrangements like the reservations etc. The only rules are no complaining about the choices, be it an attraction or the hotel, and it must be affordable to both parties. It works well for us and we have both been surprised at times about the choices the other has made. It keeps our friendship solid with fresh perspectives on one another.
Lisa, Hardy, USA
Do it for her
My sister and I frequently travel internationally together, typically on independent trips rather than packaged tours. We each make a list of the things we are most interested in doing at our destination; then we compare our lists. If one of us sees that the other has her heart set on an activity, the other will find an activity that she is willing to drop. We both have a blast!
Wendy, Northern Virginia, USA
Be sure to book properly
When you're responsible for making international hotel room reservations, be sure you are familiar with the terminology of the sleeping arrangements/room types. Double, twin, matrimonial, may mean different things in different countries. So if you want your own bed, you better know the terminology!
Deb, St. Louis, USA
Travel lite
Don't take more than a small suitcase on wheels. That allows you to move quickly. It's not fun travelling with a friend who insists on taking all of her personal possessions with her. Eventually, you end up carrying some of her excess stuff and that will not make you happy with her.
Sue, Davis, USA
Anybody tired?
Be very sensitive to your companion's fatigue level - and your own. Tired people become grouchy, and that can spell trouble! Suggest a break as soon as you sense that you or your companion is wearing out. Sometimes all it takes is 15 minutes with a cup of tea to put a spring back in your step.
Sue, St. Paul, U.S.A.
Eating schedules are different
When two people travel together, they may have two different time clocks for eating. I take along a food bar with protein, to hold me because my traveling partner usually likes to eat later than I can manage that low sugar drop.
Linda, Slippery Rock, USA

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