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travel tip newsletter

75 Realistic Tips for Traveling with a Partner

Wise women advice...

It's not personal
My tip for two is don't take anything personally and ensure you express what you would like from each day or experience. Sometimes others will be happy to join and sometimes not. C'est la vie!
Maria, Sydney Australia
Trade cameras
My friends and I also will trade cameras for a day. That way we make sure we are in our own set of pictures and we see how others view our trip through our own lens.
Linda, Langley, Canada
Alone and together
When I travel I like to spend some time alone just wandering, but I also like the feeling of being together. So the compromise is, splitting up for a morning and/or afternoon and then meeting up for lunch and dinner. We will always have so much more adventures to relate!
Fredi, Jerusalem, USA
Respect your partner
I have found that you need to give and respect each other's need to have their own time. Last year in Korea, my partner took some time to just walk around the city on her own, while I stayed home and read a good book. She also likes afternoon naps, so we would try and visit places in the afternoon that would accommodate this, e.g., the beach, a park, a Buddhist retreat in the mountains, or a return bus trip. It's comforting to know that you don't always have to be attached at the hip when you travel -- that you are not offending your partner if you want to go off alone.
Nancy, British Colombia, Canada
Try what she likes
This is what I have learned about traveling with a companion. You should be interested in some of the same things your travel partner is interested in because you are traveling with a companion to share experiences. That's what makes it fun. One the other hand, opportunities to peruse your own personal interests should also be included in your trip agenda.
Wendy, Mission, Canada
Take turns planning
One of the easiest ways we've found to travel amicably is to take turns planning the day. It's that simple: one day I choose what we're going to do and where we're going to eat and the next day my traveling companion makes the decisions. Sometimes if it's something only one of us is truly interested in doing and the other would be bored to tears, we avoid the tears by having a free day in which my companion does what he/she desires and so do I - a little mini vacation within the vacation.
Maria, Toronto, Canada
Someone is stronger
There's always one stronger personality in the group. Before departure have each person make a list of what they really want to see/do while on the trip. This way the stronger personality doesn't get to monopolize the trip with her desires as it is clear at the beginning what the other person wants.
Shelly, Castlegar, Canada
Share responsibility for decisions
I travel each year with my sister for three weeks on a biking or walking holiday which we plan and execute ourselves with the help of library guide books and Internet searches. Over the eight trips we have taken, we have learned the best travel tip is to agree to share the responsibility for all decisions. If we get lost, we are lost together. If the accommodation is less than desirable, we have chosen it together. If we have a fabulous moment, we share it together knowing we are both responsible for our decisions.
Katherine, Burnaby, Canada
If your dream person appears
Decide before your trip what will happen to the other if the person of your dreams appears when you are both out for the evening. There is nothing worse than to find yourself walking back to your accomodation alone wondering if your friend will be ok. Also, always have a contingency plan if you and your friend become separated while out sightseeing with each other.
Susan, California, USA
Ed. note: Shame on your friend if she leaves you alone. Besides, she is taking a huge chance going off in the evening with a total stranger.
Sisters work out conflict
I like to travel with my sisters, but you can imagine the conflicts that could arise with old family relationships creeping into the decision making. We don't usually have trouble picking a place, once picked, we all write down what we most want to do in priority order. We then try to work out an itinerary that covers at least the most important priorities for each traveler. The vacations are richer and we get to stay together.
Chris, North Carolina, USA
It's all about rhythms
Travel companions need to know and adjust to each others rhythms or to enjoy going out alone sometimes. As I like to get up early and to see tourist sites and markets at their best, and cannot manage to sleep in the afternoon I am tired when nightlife is beginning. On the other hand travel companions should lead each other into new experiences.
Penny, London, England
Separate for a time
If you are having a stressful time traveling together (and who doesn't?), take a break. Don't be joined at the hips. Go your separate ways for a few hours, a day, even a few days and then rendezvous. You will be amazed at how happy you are to get back together. You will have travel adventures and photos to share and hopefully will appreciate each other's company for the rest of the trip.
Katlin, Vancouver, USA
Are you strongest in AM?
Discuss which part of the day you feel strongest. My girlfriend and I have travelled together three or four times now. One of the things that works for us is that we know which time of the day we are at our best. When we drive, my friend drives in the morning because she is more awake than me! I drive in the afternoon and she has a little nap at this time. It helps if you are both either morning people or not morning people. We are not morning people, so that is a plus for both of us. We both need to stop not long after we get on the road for that extra cup of coffee to get us in gear.
Janet, Kemptville, Canada
You are not her Mum
You don't want to be a Mum on a trip - cleaning up after your pal; covering their expenses; or waking them up for an early bus ride. A good travel companion should be organised enough to remember their passports, not lose their belongings and be able to get to the airport on time, to name a few. It's also a plus if they are not navigationally challenged and can read a map!
Wise words from

Give your partner a travel memory...

travel stampsAt each major stop we make I buy a postcard and a stamp. In the evening I address it to my travel partner's home address and describe the memorable part of our day - a joke, an interesting meal, someone we met. When she arrives back home there is a collection of recollections waiting for her. It's always so very much appreciated.
Lynn, Bristol, UK.

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