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What Experts in the Travel World Can Teach Us
HAG'S HEAD AWAITS IN IRELAND -- It is a wild, wondrous alternative to the touristy and congested Cliffs of Moher. If you journey just past the huge car park and gift shops of the Cliffs of Moher you will find a turn-off to Hag's Head where you can drive through scenic boreens (Irish name for country lanes) to reach a tiny car park and then a gorgeous 1/4 mile trek awaits to deliver you to cliffs as spectacular as those of the "other" cliffs without the crowds, the security guards, the mindless tourists and discarded rubbish. Plus you will get a panoramic view of the Cliffs of Moher as you stand 300 feet above the glorious churning of Atlantic. You will truly be standing on the wild edges!

Tonja Reichley, Dancing With the Wild,Yoga Retreats and Herbal Pilgrimages to Ireland

ADD A CREATIVE TWIST TO YOUR NEXT VACATION -- Buy yourself a small notebook that you can slip in a purse and carry it with you. Pull it out wherever you go. Use it not just to jot down names, phone numbers or details of where you went, but also to record sense impressions as you move through your day--what you smelled, what you heard, how your food tasted, specific details of what you saw. Look for the quirky and the unusual. On a trip to Bali, I wrote: "I was hiking through a wild coffee and clove plantation and our tour guide was telling us about the deep spiritual life of the Balinese, when suddenly his cell phone went off and the ring tone was The Hotel California." Note juxtapositions of modern life and ancient traditions--like a coke machine in the middle of a field or everything you see on the back of a scooter. At the end of every day, spend 20 minutes crafting a little story about your day, drawn from the details you've recorded. These twenty minute stories will provide a memorable and unique record of your travels.

Laura Davis, Laura Davis, Healing words that change lives

HIDDEN GEMS OF OKLAHOMA CITY -- OKC is known for it's vibrant restaurants and nightlife of Bricktown, but one different area of the city is quietly becoming the new hip place in town. Be sure to visit an area called the Plaza District at NW 16th & Blackwelder. This up-and-coming area has some great food and some excellent art and boutiques as well. We recommend grabbing a delicious bite (lunch or dinner) at The Mule and stopping by "Bad Granny's Bazaar" for some unique vintage shopping (1259 NW 16th Street). Live music most weekends make this a fun area that is a bit off the beaten path where the locals go.

Glen Cope, Global Travel Clothing, The only jacket you'll ever need.

MY FAVORITE RESTAURANT IN PROVENCE, FRANCE -- The restaurant La Bergerie is located in a non touristy village of Provence called Maubec, a medieval hilltop village in the Luberon without any tourists (or so few). They have an outdoor terrace overlooking vineyards. The inside is all decorated with jazz since the owner is a big jazz lover. He organizes a live jazz evening once a month. For lunch, they have a 14.50 euro menu with 3 courses including 1/4 litre of wine. The restaurant is advertised as a pizzeria but they have as many typical local French food as they have pizzas. 75 Chemin du Puits de Grandaou, 84660 Maubec-France. Tel: + 33 (0) 4 90 76 83 95

Jackie Grandchamps, French Escapade, Don't be a tourist. Be our guest.

14TH CENTURY PUB JUST OUTSIDE LONDON -- You must visit The Bell Pub. This quaint 14th century pub/restaurant is located on the outskirts of London in the rural Essex village of Purleigh. It serves the finest traditional pub food along with an international menu that would give any Michelin star establishment a run for its money. It sits atop a hill named 'Church Hill', next to (believe it or not) the rather large All Saints Church that can be seen from miles around. The Church itself actually has quite an interesting story in that its rector from 1632 - 1643 was none other than Lawrence Washington, the great-great grandfather of the first US president George Washington. The traditional English pub food still dominates the menu, with their own French head chef's version of the Sunday Roast being the obvious favourite. Having said that, the pub serves a fantastic variety of seafood dishes from Gilt Head Bream in a Whiskey Sauce to Smoked Salmon and Crab Timbale (after all, the village sits a five-minute drive from the Blackwater Eestuary). It also makes use of the large surrounding game industry with dishes such as Pigeon breast with potato gratin. The menu changes often, but any time of the year, you're sure to find real British Ales and Wine from the New Hall vineyards situated at the bottom of Church Hill.

Rory Cook, Clever Travel Companion, Pickpocket Proof Gear

THOUGHTS OF MONEY IN IRELAND -- Although Ireland is one island it is divided into two separate countries. The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, UK. Therefore they use two different types of currency. In the Republic of Ireland they use Euros, much like the rest of Europe and in Northern Ireland they use Pound Sterling. A good tip to remember when travelling to the Emerald Isle!

Louise Beirne, Trafalgar

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Clever Travel Companion - 100% Pickpocket Proof

Clever Travel Companion - 100% Pickpocket Proof

100 + Ways to Enjoy Paris

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