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Travel Tips From Travel Experts
THE BEST MEAL IN VERONA -- Ristorante Enoteca Cangrande is a true gem of a restaurant in Verona, offering the very best pasta dishes I've ever had in Italy. Lasagna is one of the house favorites, along with the braised beef cheeks which are a regional specialty. The space is small but intimate, with outdoor seating available and charming décor inside, and the owner himself is likely to stop by your table and make sure you're having the best experience. Great food and impeccable service keep this place pretty busy, so you'll want to make reservations in advance. Their extensive wine list can be a bit overwhelming, but they're happy to make recommendations - don't miss out on the grappa! Email: Tel: +39 045 595022

Yolanta Barnes, Sights and Soul Travels, LLC, Tours and Vacations for Women

DISCOVER THE ENDLESS BEAUTY OF ICELAND -- I have traveled all over the world and I must say that Iceland is by far, the single most beautiful travel experience of my life, and one of the best kept secrets of the travel industry. In a simple, self-guided 10-day tour with my rental car, I followed the coast around the entire island soaking up breathtaking, expansive, pristine landscapes that I didn't know were still accessible-glaciers, icebergs, fjords, geysers, hot baths, waterfalls, mountains, seascapes. All of it can be taken in from the car or by short, easy walks. If you travel now, you'll take in this stunning beauty before commercialism sets in--no billboards, fences, nor telephone poles scar the landscape. Quaint fishing villages with brightly colored houses dot the countryside. The food is healthy (lots of freshly caught fish) but a bit expensive. Advice before leaving: Accommodations were all very nice, but because their tourist industry is still being developed, make all your reservations ahead of time-you can't just turn up at the end of the day and expect to find hotel vacancies. And be sure to bring your sleeping mask, because the sun barely sets before it begins to rise again for a new day.

Linda Higdon, Global Heart Journeys Building a global community of women

GREEN JUICE AND COFFEE IN PARIS -- You're probably not going to Paris for fresh vegetable juice or Third Wave coffee. But in case you feel an intense need for green juice or artisanal, highly curated coffee beans while in Paris, I have two resources for you. (1) When you've stuffed yourself full of pastries, bread and cheese and want freshly made green juice, Bob's your uncle. One of a group of restaurants, Bob's Juice Bar in the 10th arrondissement serves smoothies, baked goods and, oh holy of holy, green juice. Made from leafy greens like kale or spinach, their green juice will make your inner veggie sing. Also check out Bob's Kitchen and Bob's Bake Shop. Oh, and they're the Bob behind the lovely new cafe at Shakespeare and Company Bookshop. I told you Bob's your Paris uncle. Get your green on here:

(2) Ah, coffee! Somewhere along the way, I have become a coffee snob. I like my cortados and cappuccinos done right. And a Paris café isn't always the place for that. My advice: NEVER order a cappuccino in a traditional Paris café. It will be large, expensive and nasty, and will even perhaps come with a straw. A STRAW! Yes, this happened to me. OY! When you feel like exploring a bit and having a good coffee, check out Good Coffee in Paris. I use this web site to discover new cafés and to explore new to me streets. I'll choose a café from the site and head there, enjoying all the surprises along the way. Some of my favorites include The Broken Arm, Strada, Lockwood and Le Caféotheque. Get your freshly roasted, ground and brewed coffee here:

Cynthia Morris, Original Impulse, Liberate your creative genius

A GEM OF A MUSEUM IN BOSTON -- One of Boston's true gems is the beautiful Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum. It's located in a gorgeous palazzo, has a fascinating history, and contains a wonderful mix of paintings, furniture, textiles, and objects from different cultures and periods among well-known European paintings and sculpture. There's a lovely café-and the Museum of Fine Arts is within a 10-15 minute walk! If you're looking for some peace and inspiration, I think you'll find it here!

Priscilla O'Reilly, Overseas Adventure Travel, The leader in Small Groups on the Road Less Traveled

PLANNING A TRIP TO GREECE? -- Visit Chania, one of Greece's most picturesque towns! If you enjoy culture, history, and great cuisine, Chania is the perfect base for exploring western Crete. Stay at least 3-nights right in the old Venetian port on a pedestrian street full of charm and history (choose from pensiones, boutique hotels, and converted palazzos). Chania also has beach resorts full of package group tours and less charming hotels in the new part of the city. From the old port you can easily take organized day-trips to beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, wineries, and/or take an excursion to hike the Samria Gorge. In town visit museums; eat at the waterfront (i.e. Arismari Restaurant-just opened this year) or alleyways (i.e. To Xani-Cretan Taverna with home-style cuisine); meander narrow streets lined with artisans' shops, churches, remnants of mosques with minarets overhead, and one small synagogue with a tragic but inspiring story.

Erja Lipponen, WanderWoman® Tours, Small group women-only travel

EATING ALONG THE CAMINO -- My absolute favourite place to eat on the Camino is Meson el LLar in the first little town after Astorga. There are organic vegetarian options, alsolutely delicious fresh juices in a vitamix with any combo you want to order, fresh sandwiches and her toast with tomato jam is to die for. Everything is very fresh and mostly from her garden. I think about this little café all along the walk - it is a highlight for me to drop in and chat with Pillar the owner.

Ariana Brackenbury, Wisdom of the Camino, Facilitated Journeys With Ariana Brackenbury

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Clever Travel Companion - 100% Pickpocket Proof

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