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February 2020

Serendipity - Feb 2020


It's a new year, and a new decade! What a perfect time to reflect on the serendipity of travel - and its role in helping us embrace learning, joy, resilience and self-discovery!

My aspiration for Journeywoman is that we empower you with the practical, real, and honest information you need to travel safely and well. This is why we carefully select our writers, our sponsors, and make every effort to provide our brand as a platform to support other women-owned businesses. Together, as a community, we can curate the skills needed to create a better world through travel - like generosity, empathy, respect, caring and kindness.

Our website is an important part of how we communicate with you. I can't wait to share our new Journeywoman website with you. I hope that our next newsletter will lead you to that site, which will be mobile-friendly, easy to search and tailored to your needs. Thank you to the 1,500 Journeywomen who completed our survey last fall. We have also designed some super-special Evelyn-inspired retro luggage tags that so many of you have been asking for (shhhh! It's a secret!!)

My first few months of 2020 have been busy! How about you? I recently returned from a 3-week stay in Puerto Rico, and in March, I'll be in Catania, Italy for a travel conference. April will include a family trip to Florida, and in May I will be in the Bahamas for a women's event. I'm thrilled that my daughter, Alyxandra, has been accepted at a university in Singapore in 2021! I can't wait to see what travel surprises the rest of the year holds!

Warmest of wishes, and please travel safely and well,

Carolyn Ray, Signature

Publisher + CEO


In this issue, we explore Serendipity: the happy accidents that lead to amazing travel experiences. A very special shoutout to our editor Amanda Burgess, who has crafted such inspiring articles while embracing her inner child in Bali and Australia.

Based on your feedback, we have changed the formatting of this newsletter to enable better readability on mobile devices. In this issue, we have included links to the articles to reduce the length of this email. If you look at the travel deals, you'll get a glimpse of what our new website will look like. Let us know what you think!

  • Solo Veterans Feature: The late Evelyn Hannon, the original Journeywoman, inspired women around the world to travel on their own by making it accessible and desirable. As a tip of hat to Evelyn and a utility to new and aspiring solo travellers, Amanda sat down with three solo travel trailblazers - all over the age of 85 - to dive into their travel tales and get their sage advice for the next generation. CLICK
  • Fun on the road: The play-filled moments that make us feel alive. Who better to write this than Amanda, who interviewed several Journeywomen to learn how they've embraced child-like wonder, curiosity and awe while traveling. CLICK
  • MzAdventures: Homeless in Seoul: Finding a safe haven for solo female travellers: Journeywoman guest writer Sian shares when she went from homeless in Seoul to finding a safe haven in a very unexpected place. CLICK!
  • Being Brave in 2020: Journeywoman Vanessa McDonald, author of the Brave Journal, invites us to travel bravely in 2020: She says: "Travel is about inviting yourself to take a new perspective. It isn't about failure, it's about the journey." CLICK!
  • My Take on the New York Times Travel Show: Carolyn keeps you up to date on some of the HOT trends for 2020, including responsible travel, women's safety, budget travel, emerging destinations and river cruising! CLICK

DESTINATION FOCUS AND TRAVEL TIPS: In this issue, we focus on Puerto Rico, where Carolyn spent 3 weeks over the holidays. We're thrilled that Amy Gordon, Author of 100 Things to do in Puerto Rico before You Die, has given us 5 off-the-beaten-track ideas for foodies, thrill-seekers and adventurers. (Amy and Carolyn are hosting a Facebook Live on February 10, 7:00 pm ET, and we'll have some surprises for you! Don't miss it!) CLICK!

HOT TRAVEL DEALS: This month we feature 15!!! women-friendly tours and special deals, including a Journeywoman discount on the Women in Travel Summit, just for you! CLICK. We also have new listings in our Women's Travel Directory - please check it out! Thank you as always to our wonderful sponsors who are so vital to producing this newsletter!

WHAT'S NEXT: Our April issue is focused on Growth. We want to hear your stories about the fears you've overcome and challenges you've faced in your travels. Read our call for stories here and send in your ideas and tips.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY: March 8 is a special day for us as women. In previous years, Evelyn honoured women of the world through stunning photographs and stories, submitted by you. We'd like to do the same, in honour of her, and our daughters and granddaughters. Please send in your photographs and stories by February 15 to

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