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Finding Renewal in New Zealand: How I Overcame my Fear of Travelling Solo Again

After the death of her husband Gabe in 2018, the prospect of going through life solo filled Amanda with dread. She faced her grief, anger and loneliness in a two-week solo travel adventure in New Zealand.


A Woman’s Travel Guide to England

Need a nosh or a cuppa? JourneyWoman Joy shares her bangin’ tips on England’s best spots to stay, eat, and explore, including tours, pubs and afternoon tea. To help you talk like a local, she’s also compiled a handy guide to British slang – you’ll want to take a gander at this! 


Women’s Solo Travel: Hiking Safety Tips in the Colombian Rainforest

You may be a solo travel expert, but have you ever hiked Colombia on your own? Contributor Samantha Glauser shares what she learned on her solo adventure through the Colombian rainforest.

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