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Women’s Solo Travel: Hiking Safety Tips in the Colombian Rainforest

You may be a solo travel expert, but have you ever hiked Colombia on your own? Contributor Samantha Glauser shares what she learned on her solo adventure through the Colombian rainforest.


Women’s Travel Inspiration: Sue Finds Family in Brazil

Sue was 16 when she spotted an ad in her Kansas high school newspaper for American Field Service (AFS)’s Study Abroad programs. She wondered aloud if she could do this. As the third of six daughters, she wasn’t sure itw ould fit into the family budget. But the stories she read from other students were so exciting and inspring, she drummed up the courage to ask.


Eyes open in Patagonia: The Breathtaking Consequences of Climate Change

Cruising through the icy waters of Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia, I could only imagine what the earliest explorers felt when they came across this frozen land thousands of years ago.


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