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Travel at Home: Our Top 13 Airbnb Unique Stays in Ontario

This summer, we hit the road in Ontario for our #travelathome adventures. Here are 13 of our most unique and memorable stays, including an Airstream RV, glamping, camping, tiny houses, cabins, farms and haylofts.


A Summer of #TravelAtHome: 10 Things we Learned Exploring Ontario

When we hatched a plan to road trip around our home province of Ontario, stay in unique accommodations and evaluate destinations against new travel criteria, we never expected to learn so much about nature, our inner child, and the creativity and innovation of women entrepreneurs.


#TravelatHome Series: Glamping: Travel Close to Nature

For people who aren’t survivalists or extreme campers, and don’t want to make a huge investment in camping gear, glamping bring nature and convenience together in a way that gives you the spirit of camping, without the complexity. After seeing the crowded RV site in Algonquin Park, I was grateful to be at one of five glamping tents spread out across hundreds of acres at Four Corners Campground in Whitney, just outside the eastern gates of Algonquin Park.


#TravelatHome Series: Stepping Out: A Cabin in the Woods, Wildlife and Fresh Air

For the past five months, I’ve been in a small apartment where I have complete control over its cleanliness. The idea of stepping outside my comfort zone caused some anxiety, but once I had started planning my trip to Arowhon Pines in Algomquin Park, my spirits rose. I considered several new criteria in my decision-making process – not just the destination itself, but also how I would get there, onsite healthcare, nearby hospitals and mobility and access


#TravelAtHome Series: Adventures in the Bruce Peninsula

I’ve always been hesitant to visit overcrowded The Grotto, an open cave hidden in the cliff face of the Niagara Escarpment near Tobermory. But when two adventurous friends and I started planning a girls’ road trip to feed our travel bug during the pandemic, The Grotto, with its timed four-hour parking slots operating at half capacity, started to look more attractive.

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