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A Woman’s View on Canada

Maple leaf, Canada

Slide "Montreal, Quebec is a wonderful ity to visit, especially for American journey women whose dollars go a very, very long way in Canada. And, any gal travelling to this French - speaking city will be very pleased to know about its secret shopping area. You see, Montreal has the heart of the Canadian garment industry tucked away a bit north of it's downtown core. True it's not on the regular tourist path and it may look far on a map, but this area is quite accessible by a bus ride straight up St. Laurent Blvd. or a metro/bus combo.”
– Evelyn, Toronto, Canada
Slide "When is the last time you got a clear view of the stars as nightfall blankets your city? The only time many of us catch a glimpse is when we’re travelling through areas where nature still dominates. Even then, local lights often beat the stars back beyond even the sharpest-sighted people’s peepers. Enter Canada’s first Dark Sky Preserve – protected land possessing an exceptional or distinguished quality of starry nights and nocturnal environment. Nestled in Ontario’s cottage country, Torrance Barrens is distinguished by rock that is more than two billion years old.”
- Amanda, Toronto, Canada
Slide “One of those photos -don’t-do-it-justice natural wonders, Ouimet Canyon is a 150 m (490 ft) wide gorge with sheer cliffs that drop 100 m (330 ft) straight down to the canyon floor. Offering sweeping vistas that people travel the globe to see, Canadians have this unpolished jewel in their own backyards – and many likely don’t know it. If standing on a cliff face older than time, staring into the horizon, and taking in awe - inspiring views is your thing – and if it isn’t, do you have a pulse? – Ouimet Canyon is worth the scenic drive along the TransCanada Highway.”
– Amanda, Toronto, Canada
Slide “Perched at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory seems slightly surreal – it’s a charming fishing village, encircled by a welcoming array of boutiques, restaurants and boats. Just outside its harbour, shipwrecks lurk just below the surface of its clear turquoise waters, and the ancient limestone towers of Flowerpot Island and the Italianesque caves and cliffs of the stunning Grotto in Bruce National Park make you feel like you’ve travelled to another country. Italy perhaps? Or Scotland?”
– Carolyn, Toronto, Canad
Slide "Did you know that Ontario has a ghost town just a four- hour drive from Toronto and a 1.5 - hour drive from Ottawa? Now you do. In Balaclava, ramshackle, sun - silvered wooden buildings with sagging roofs whisper the stories of Ontario’s bustling lumber town past. Ghost story - loving souls can walk the abandoned town and see a forgotten piece of Ontario history.”
– Amanda, Toronto, Canada
Slide “Formed from ancient limestone at the bottom of a tropical sea more than 500 million years ago, the Bonnechere Caves sit at the Fourth Chute of the Bonnechere River in Ottawa Valley. The cavernous cave system cloaks a treasure trove of stalactites, coral and the fossilized remains of ancient sea creatures. If you love history and paleontology, or fancied yourself as a subterranean adventurer like Indiana Jones, this is geological gem is one to put on your must - see list for 2021 when the caves reopen to the public.”
– Amanda, Toronto, Canada
Mountains, illustration, Canada

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