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A Woman’s View on France

Slide "Singles traveling to Paris have nothing to worry about. Paris is a great destination for everyone. Families, couples and yes, even a woman traveling solo. French life is not solely é deux (couples only). As a matter of fact, many people report that they have had some of the best adventures while on French soil. Just being able to walk the city and drop into a café (and there is one on practically every Paris block) is a great luxury."
- Evelyn, Toronto, Canada
Slide "The secret to great French food is quite simple: fresh local products ideally bought on a daily basis from a specialty store - or at one of those famous farmer's markets. Looking for the market? Just follow a parade of colourful bags, baskets, shopping tolleys filled with fruit, vegetables, cheese, charcuterie, meats, fish, olive oil..."
- Nancy, Paris, France
Slide "Isn't it maddening how French women always look chic? Or how the French effortlessly produce delicious meals? What's the secret? Do they spend a fortune? Pas du tout! They simply how how to shop! The French dress and eat like royalty without paying a king's ransom. Less is more."
- Nancy, Paris, France
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Travel Information from the CDC (Source: Centre for Disease Control) 

Restrictions & Requirements in Metropolitan France (Source: Government of France) 

Can I Enter France? (Source: French Embassy in Canada)  

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