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A Woman’s View on Italy

Shopping in Italy

Slide “When traveling solo, some women find the thought of dining alone in a restaurant downright intimidating. For those women, I'd recommend seeking out an Italian wine bar, or Enoteca. They offer local delicious food - ranging from light snacks to full meals, a large assortment of Italian wines by the glass and a much more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Many have a bar where you can sit alone and blend in. If you visit during aperitif hour you might be lucky enough to score free food with the purchase of your beverage.”
– Robin Locker, Rome, Italy
Slide “Rome is a Mecca for any kind of made in Italy shopping. As a personal shopper, I'd like to recommend the charming Monti district, where Julius Caesar grew up. It has an excellent choice of boutiques, gourmet stores, home furnishings and cozy enoteche you won't find anywhere else. The streets to check are Via del Boschetto, Via dei Serpenti, Via Leonina and Via Panisperna.”
- Stefania Troiani, Rome, Italy
Slide “Pure beauty can enrobe you in awe. In October 2019, my first visit to Venice at age 69, just weeks before knee-replacement surgery, repeatedly stopped me in my tracks.... and not because of arthritis. How in 20 years of serious travelling had I missed this glorious, ephemeral place? How quickly can I return to savour the art and architecture before this sinking city sustains serious last ing damage?”
- Sally, USA
Slide "There's so much to love about Florence. During the year I lived there, I was awed by its beauty, history, and art. How could you not feel inspired when walking on ancient cobbles in the sandal steps of Dante, Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli, Leonardo da Vinci – and Salvatore Ferragamo (whose flagship store at Palazzo Spini Feroni, Via Tornabuoni 2, has a shoe museum, FYI).”
- Rebecca Bricker, author of Tales from Tavanti: An American Woman's Mid-Life Adventure in Italy

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Seven Things a Woman Will Love in Florence

Seven Things a Woman Will Love in Florence

This year I spent one week in Florence all by myself and it was so enjoyable. Much of the reason it was so much fun stemmed from the female-centered tips offered to me from other JourneyWomen both prior to my departure and while I was there. Now in true JW style I pass these suggestions on to other women heading off to explore Florence!

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