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Australia weather watch

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In Australia — for everything, there is a season. When our teeth are chattering in the Northern Hemisphere it’s summertime and fabulously lovely Downunder. As JourneyWomen are braving winter in Montreal, New York, and Paris, it’s bikini time in Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide. Think turquoise water, blue, blue skies, and bright, beautiful sunshine. That’s what you’ll find in Australia in December, January, and February.

Want to ski? Then you’ll have to join the Aussies in June, July, and August. That’s when the snow falls and Australia’s winter sports resorts open in the high mountain ranges of New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania.

Women who enjoy hiking and want to experience the Outback will want to get Downunder in their spring or fall months. It’s cooler then and there are far fewer bugs and flies to cope with. If visiting the Great Barrier Reef is your dream vacation — simply avoid their wintertime — that’s their rainiest season .

The following year-round weather guide is designed to help you choose what time of the year is best for each of you to savour the pleasures of this incredible land.
(Weather research source: The Penguin Guide to Australia)

Her year-round weather guide…

Three primary climates dominate the continent of Australia. The north is tropical, warm, humid and rainy. Most of the interior is hot, barren, and rather desolate. The coastal strip is generally warm and somewhat humid. Rainfall varies from generous in Queensland to sparse in Victoria. This narrow, flat, scenic plain is home to most Australians and boasts some of the most beautiful and pleasant weather on earth.

For year-round mild to warm temperatures, few areas can top coastal Queensland near Brisbane, called the Gold Coast. In general, the weather is a match for Hawaii or other semi-tropical resort areas. The best months to visit are May and September through October, before the humidity and rainfall increase.

The greater Sydney area boasts a magnificent, mild temperature pattern. Rainfall, cloudiness and humidity can be a problem at times. The best combination of moderate temperature and humidity with the least rainfall would be found during October through December.

The climate of Melbourne is much like that of coastal California. It does get chilly here during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter months of June through August. Best months to visit are November through March (especially February).

If you want to visit the interior, you’ll find Alice Springs a good base. It’s hot in the summer, cool in the winter, and averages less than 10 inches of rain per year. Perth in Western Australia, boasts a warm climate with moderate rainfall. The driest months are August and September.
Source: Traveler’s Weather Guide by Tom Loffman. Copyright © 1996. Ten Speed Press (

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