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Last updated on June 1st, 2020

Our sponsors are an important part of our community. We want to take an opportunity to share their passion and expertise for travel with you. This week, we asked Gina Hunt at Paris Personally and a Journeywoman partner since 2018, to share her thoughts with us about Paris. https://bit.ly/2VbPibU
Gina Hunt, Paris Personally - JourneyWoman
PARIS – Gina Hunt at Paris Personally has been living in the City of Light for over 10 years. You can trust her to help you not only fall in love with Paris but also feel comfortable being in and moving around the city. We specialize in small group trips and customized private tours, and we love sharing our Paris, the Paris of locals, not just the touristy highlights–although we’ll be happy to show you those too!

1. Gina, what inspired you to start your business?

“I had been a casual ambassador of Paris showing friends, family, and friends of friends around since moving here in early 2009, and I loved doing it, so when the opportunity to start a tour business presented itself, I jumped on it.”

Check out her private tours: https://bit.ly/2oDtIRC

2. What do you love about sharing Paris with your clients?

“It’s so much fun for me to see Paris through my clients’ eyes. To be with them when they discover the charm of Montmartre or the exquisite beauty of the courtyard of the Louvre is such a joy for me. To help them find what they’re looking for whether it be chocolate and croissants, the perfect souvenir, or the experience of taking a cruise down the Seine is incredibly fulfilling. I want everyone that comes to Paris to love it as much as I do.”

3. What kind of traveler would most enjoy one of your tours?

“For my small group trips, my clients are usually women who are traveling alone but don’t want to be alone the entire time. They want both organized activities with me and the group as well as time to explore on their own and find that cute little shop that their friend told them about or visit the museums at their leisure. They are comfortable walking a lot and are just open to the adventure of discovering a new place and making new friends. We have a week-long trip at Christmas that still has space available, by the way!” Learn more: https://bit.ly/2pke2CS

4. What expression, song or saying most expresses your philosophy about life?

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” —Anaïs Nin.

5. What one insider tip do you have for women going on one of your tours?

“At night, take a taxi or an Uber from one side of the river to the other. Maybe start in Saint Germain des Prés and go to the Opéra. The lights of the city are stunning at night, and you can’t see them from the metro. And although Ladurée has a reputation for being a little snobby, their macarons are among the best.”

You can learn more about Paris Personally and our other sponsors here: http://bit.ly/2ZZAPVn

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