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2021 JourneyWoman Editorial Calendar

Editorial Themes

To ensure that our content is fulfilling our mandate of inspiration, curiosity and self-discovery, we’ve developed editorial themes that allow writers maximum flexibility and creativity.

Each theme covers a two-month period, and encompasses both feature articles and destination coverage. 

Exploring our Themes

Issues are published twice monthly, on the second and last Wednesday of each month.  Deadlines are one month prior to publication dates.

January – February: RENEWAL:  After a year of pause, slowing down, and staying home, each of us and the travel industry will enter a period of renewal.

March-April: GROWTH:  We explore the myriad ways that travel helps us grow – as women, as human beings, as citizens of our own countries and the world.

* The March issue will include a special focus on World Wildlife Day on March 3 and International Women’s Day on March 8.

* The April issue will include a special focus on Earth Day on April 22 and World Book Day on April 23.


 May-June: CURIOSITY: We reflect on the times that our curiosity has led us to life-changing places, people and experiences.

July-August: LOVE:  We pen love letters to the different shades of love (and self-love) we discover through travel. 

September-October: INSPIRATION: We dive deep into the many ways that travel lights the fires of our inspiration.

November-December: MEMORIES & RITUALS: We take a retrospective look back at the year we all lived, and a look ahead to what the next year will bring!


We welcome story pitches, ideas and articles from women in our community.

At this time, we are not able to pay for submissions but we can provide a platform reaching almost 100,000 women around the world.

To learn what kinds of article and topics we accept, visit our Write for Us page.


We do not publish articles or posts from marketing or advertising firms.

We will consider paid advertising and sponsored posts, pending editorial review, in our destination features.

You can learn more about opportunities to build a relationship with our community on our Partnership page. Advertising inquiries should be directed to

Tour Operators + Experiences, Tourism Boards 

We welcome your inquiries and would be pleased to discuss partnership opportunities.

Tour operators are invited to join our Women’s Travel Directory and monthly calls. Please contact to learn more!

Tourism Boards should contact to inquire about our destination features. 

Meet our Editorial Team 

Writing for JourneyWoman is a full-time job but it never feels like work! Our small team loves adventure, storytelling, writing and to empower women through travel.

Our editorial staff includes Carolyn Ray, our Publisher and Editor-in-Chief (Right), and Amanda Burgess, our Editor (Left).  You can read more about us on the Our Story page of this website. We are both experienced travellers, and members of the highly respected professional association called the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW). Carolyn is also a member of the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC).

In 2020, we welcomed two Contributing Writers to our team: Diana Eden, who focuses on travel for women over 80, and Sally Peabody, who contributes incredible destination-focused articles from her years of experience as a tour operator and travel writer. We are honoured to have them on our small but mighty team!

Editorial Contacts:


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Extending a legacy, empowering women through travel and expanding our influence in the world

For over 25 years, JourneyWoman has been the voice of women from around the world. Founded by the iconic solo traveller Evelyn Hannon in 1994, JourneyWoman started as a printed newsletter and evolved to become digital in 1997. by the time Evelyn passed away in 2019, JourneyWoman was well established as the world’s original solo travel publication. 

In 2019, JourneyWoman was purchased by Carolyn Ray at the request of Evelyn and her family, to extend JourneyWoman to future generations. In doing so, Evelyn’s daughter, Erica Ehm said: “Not only does Carolyn share many of our mother’s values, we believe her passion for travel and her strategic mindset will enhance Journeywoman’s brand as a trusted source for women. We can’t imagine anyone better suited to extend our mother’s legacy.” 

In 2020, Carolyn arrange for Evelyn’s Red Boots, a symbol of women’s empowerment, to become part of the Bata Shoe Museum’s collection,   Evelyn’s boots are a powerful symbol of female empowerment. The boots are about following your passion, reminding us that when we find the courage to take a first step forward, amazing things can happen. Thanks to Evelyn and other trailblazers like her, women are the primary influencers in travel, and the JourneyWoman community represents some of the most well-travelled, experienced women in the world.

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