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All of our events work on a Pay-What-You-Can Model:  Our events are free, but operate on a Pay-What-You-Can model to support non-profit organizations around the world.  It’s up to you: you can choose ‘$0’ or contribute a small amount to support these organizations, which are chosen by our speakers and guests, who contribute their time to us at no charge. Learn more about how you can help and who we’ve supported so far here.

JourneyWoman Magazine: ‘Solo Travel Wisdom’ Webinar: Every month JW Editor Amanda Burgess hosts lively chat with incredible women featured in our editorial. Events are held on Zoom and technology permitting, Facebook.

JourneyWoman Book Club:  The third Wednesday of every month JW Publisher Carolyn Ray and Wendy B. host our book club on Zoom. Books are recommended by our community, we vote to create a shortlist, and publish schedules six months at a time to facilitate ordering. Since April, we’ve traveled to Ireland, Spain, France, the USA, and the Middle East. Egypt and Argentina. View the full schedule here.

JourneyWoman TravelReady Webinars: We’re planning a series of new webinars for 2021, covering Travel Insurance, Ethics in Travel and Downsizing. Let us know if you have topics of interest. In the meantime, click here to see the full archive of sessions on our website or visit the JourneyWoman YouTube channel.

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Carolyn Ray and Amanda Burgess - JW Facebook Live Dec 2019



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Do You Have Solo Travel Wisdom to Share?

Do You Have Solo Travel Wisdom to Share?

JourneyWoman’s monthly Solo Travel Wisdom talk show seeks to share wisdom and knowledge among female solo travellers, helping women travel safely and well.

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