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JourneyWoman Travel Vision Course

A three-part course on November 9, 16, 23Join JourneyWoman Editor Amanda Burgess for this three-part series that will help you […]


Connect with like-minded women in our Community Calls, virtual sessions and monthly Book Club!  

UPDATE: We have moved our event platform to Eventbrite! 

After much consideration, we have decided to move our ticketing service from our website to Eventbrite – this means a more seamless experience for our readers.

REGISTERING FOR EVENTS: You will be directed from the JourneyWoman website to the Eventbrite landing page for your specific event. If you have not created an account on Eventbrite, you will be prompted to do so, and will need this account in order to access your ticket and Zoom links.

Once you have registered for the Event, you will receive a confirmation email that will provide access to your event links. Please be sure to add the event to your calendar!

It’s important to check your ticket to make sure there is a Zoom link on it and test the link prior to the session to make sure it works. Your ticket also includes a calendar invitation which can be added to your calendar. You can access Zoom through a web browser (Chrome or Firefox is recommended) or you can download the Zoom App for free here.

We recommend that you join your session at least 5 minutes in advance so that you don’t miss anything! If you have trouble please email us right away at Thank you!

JourneyWoman Book Club:  The third Wednesday of every month JW Publisher Carolyn Ray and Wendy B. host our book club on Zoom. Books are recommended by our community, we vote to create a shortlist, and publish schedules six months at a time to facilitate ordering. Since April, we’ve traveled to Ireland, Spain, France, the USA, and the Middle East. Egypt and Argentina. Learn more here!

On hold for the summer: 

JourneyWoman Magazine: ‘Solo Travel Wisdom’ Webinar: Every month JW Editor Amanda Burgess hosts lively chat with incredible women featured in our editorial. Events are held on Zoom and technology permitting, Facebook.

JourneyWoman TravelReady Webinars: We’re planning a series of new webinars for 2021, covering Travel Insurance, Ethics in Travel and Downsizing. Let us know if you have topics of interest. In the meantime, click here to see the full archive of sessions on our website or visit the JourneyWoman YouTube channel.

Have an idea for a seminar or book? Just email us at

JourneyWoman Community Calls are Global

Want to meet other JourneYWomen? Join one of our calls. There are three calls to choose from:

  • East Coast: Join Carolyn and Amanda EVERY FRIDAY at 10 AM EDT.
  • Australia and Indonesia: Join Margaret, Rosemary and others  -our July call timing is TBD 
  • West Coast: Join Marillee on the second Thursday of each month at 11:00 PT. 

We hope you’ll join us! 

Carolyn Ray and Amanda Burgess - JW Facebook Live Dec 2019

JourneyWomen Giving Back: Help us Support Women, Children, Education and our Earth

Through your generosity, we can make a difference

To do our small part during the pandemic, we’ve adopted a Pay-What-You-Can model for our virtual events. We’re grateful for your generosity. Here is an update on where the proceeds are going.


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