An Invitation: Join our weekly JourneyWoman Community Virtual Circle on Zoom

Who better than a JourneyWoman to help other women?

In these trying times, we are so fortunate to have each other – a safe haven of women – rich with ideas and experiences. I want to make sure we are supporting each other and sharing our feelings and knowledge as we face this time of uncertainty and anxiety.

This is a journey like none other. Never have we needed each other as we much as we do now.

On March 15, the day after I returned from Cuba, I sent out an email to our 55,000-strong JourneyWoman community, asking for your help. I invited JourneyWomen with experience in a particular area to actively participate and share their stories. I asked you what things you needed and wanted.

And you responded, with compassion, caring and offers of support.

“Thanks so much for this. It’s important to keep a flow of positive information and knowing that there are good people out there thinking of each other not just themselves.” –  hugs, Marion

 “What a deeply caring message.  Thank you so much for it.  Beautiful.” –  Léo

 “Thank you so much for the encouraging words.  People are in a bit of a daze in Las Vegas right now.  Just keeping in touch is a comfort to us all.  Bless you and yours.” – JoAnn

 “Hi Carolyn, today is Evelyn’s birthday and I miss her so much. I would go to her apartment in Toronto for a visit every time I was in town, and always loved to catch up. Thank you for keeping her legacy alive <3 “ – Jodi

“This was such a welcome email to read!    My intent is to congratulate you for getting the reality that we all wish to be connected to one another, and not with words of panic. We’re wired to be connected to one another, in close ways with some and not so much with others.  Isolation is not healthy, nor is it the solution to this crisis. I’m grateful to you, your team, and to all the Journeywomen “out there” over the years who have enriched my travel experiences in so many ways. – Carla

Join us every Friday at 10 am EDT 

On March 20, we began weekly JourneyWoman Community Virtual Circles on zoom.  These meetings are held every Friday at 10 am EDT.

Pre-registration is required for security reasons and to hold space for each other.

TO REGISTER, click here.  You can select multiple dates to attend. Please do try to attend if you register, as we keep these sessions small so all voices can be heard. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. We have also taken the recommended security steps from Zoom to do our best to ensure that our calls remain private. These sessions are not shared on social media or streamed to ensure your personal privacy.

On these calls, we share what is happening in our world, our hopes, our dreams and our aspirations for the future. It’s clear that we value things in different ways now. We recognize that must take care of ourselves and others. We see that we are all the same. We are all connected.

Check back here regularly for future sessions, or on Facebook for upcoming events.

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Zoom Resources

JourneyWoman has a paid Zoom account which allows us an upgraded experience from the free account used by most people. Zoom allows both video and non-video communications. Each participant must have registered in advance to receive a password, and the host will review all participants before the call begins. You can connect on your phone or computer using a link or dial in to a toll-free number. When you join, you will be put in a waiting room until approved.  To ensure privacy, we have disabled screen sharing. During the call, the host may mute you so that others can be heard.

Joining a Meeting

Zoom security and safety:




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