Reconnect to Your Travel Dreams With Our New Travel Vision Course

Last updated on October 20th, 2021

Featured image: Editor Amanda Burgess’ vision board

Reconnect to your deepest travel desires

By Amanda Burgess, Editor, JourneyWoman

Women the world over have been grounded from travel for well over a year now. In the early days of the pandemic, long-awaited travel dreams skidded off the runway and many are still sitting on the tarmac hoping to be approved for take-off. The world – once ours for the exploring – has shrunk to our own corner of it. A disappointment to many, but to the more mature traveller or those considered high-risk for contracting COVID-19, that’s more than a year of lost time, freedom, social connections, and travel experiences. The grief that comes with that is constricting the mature traveller’s ability to dream. 

From January to May, we facilitated TravelReady Vision Workshops focused on helping women create a vision for the future based on personal values, manifest it on a vision board, identify barriers to success, and put an action plan together to transform it from dream to reality.

In six months of workshopping, I observed an unsettling trend: Most participants got visibly uncomfortable when I challenged them to dream big with no restrictions – not time, not money, not COVID. It’s as though to travel again at all seemed like a bit of a pipe dream, so women were dreaming within the box of what felt imminently achievable. They came with a trip or series of trips in mind.

Donna's vision board

Don’t step away from your dreams

For example: When Donna Richardson came to my workshop, she’d already started a board, built on a grid, with images of the places she’d like to go on it. When I invited her to think of what she values most, to hunt for images that make her want to reach into her board and live in it, she dug deep for her creativity and the result (left) was much more inspiring to her. A board with energy, vitality, and life. It represents how she wants to feel and who she wants to be when she travels. It made her want to take steps towards making her travel vision a reality.

JourneyWomen, some of you have forgotten how to dream. You’re limiting yourselves. We’re challenging you to dream bigger than you ever have. This fall, we’re transforming what was a two-hour workshop into a three-module course. It’s a course for all JourneyWomen who want to shake off the shackles of the past 18 months and dream without limits.

This three-part series will help you expand your vision for travel — and give you an action plan to achieve it

In this course, you will learn how to use your values as your North Star for visualizing with intention. You will get vulnerable and be supported by a group of women in a virtual circle as we invite one another to dream big:

Sailing around the world.

Travelling non-stop for a year.

Buying a parcel of land in the homeland of your ancestors to give your family a touchstone for learning about their heritage.

Whatever your dreams, you will set your intention to realize them by putting them on your Vision Board.

To round out the series, you’ll re-examine those big, audacious dreams under a more practical lens: You’ll explore your roadblocks, real and self-designed, and craft an action plan for overcoming them. You’ll document some real, actionable steps you can take every day towards making your travel dreams a reality: Working on physical fitness. Comparison shopping travel insurance. Creating a travel fund. Looking fear in the face every day and telling yourself to JFDI (Just F’ing Do It). 

Course Outline

Each module is 90 minutes with time for discussion, starting at 7 pm ET – 8:30 pm ET.
Check the World Time Converter for your local time.

  • Module 1  — Connect to Your Values (November 16)
  • Module 2 — Create Your Vision (November 23)
  • Module 3 — Make It Real (November 30)

Attendance is limited to 12 participants at $59 for all three modules. Sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend. Modules are not available separately but sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend. Those who would like to share their completed Vision Boards are invited to participate in an editorial feature. 


When was the last time you gave yourself space to dream? 

Maybe it’s time.

Register HERE for our TravelReady Course today. Get dreaming, JourneyWomen!

Donna's vision board

About Your Facilitator

You know Amanda Burgess as JourneyWoman’s Editor and co-host of our weekly Community Calls (East Coast and Europe), but something you might not know about her is that she is a certified coach. She works primarily with cancer patients, caregivers and survivors, but there’s some serious overlap in the coaching she does and what we all need: When cancer (or a pandemic) enters your life, you forget who you are. You forget what’s most important to you. You forget to dream. Through this course, the tools she will use, and the coaching she will provide, you will dream bigger than you ever have before. You have all of the answers inside of you. Amanda will help you pull them out and connect the dots.

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Amanda Burgess, a Toronto-based writer and creative strategist whose bags are always packed for her next adventure, is our Editor at JourneyWoman. She is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), and a Certified Cancer Journey Coach who creates a safe space for cancer patients and caregivers to design their dream lives – while living with cancer, and on the other side of it.




  1. Maureen

    Will you offer the travel vision course again? A weekend or evening time (Pacific) would be great for people who work 9-5.

    • Carolyn Ray

      We’re hoping to offer it on an ongoing basis and will definitely look at weekends or evenings for the next one!

  2. Barbara Bagnell

    I’ve subscribed to Journeywoman since Evelyn Hannon started it on line. Met her at a travel event since husband and I were both travel writing. Now he has dementia and I am 86. May take two granddaughters on a trip this November to somewhere interesting and reasonably warm. One flight, 7-10 days. Ten preferred. Walks would be an important part of the trip. Suggestions?


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