What Does TravelReady Mean for Female Solo Travel?

Last updated on April 27th, 2021

Empowering Women for the Future of Travel

By Carolyn Ray, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

This week, we announced a series of editorial and events themed around the idea of “TravelReady.”

TravelReady is our commitment to empower women and help us prepare for the future of travel. It’s about lighting the path forward, in a way that’s unique to us as mature, experienced travellers. Through our editorial and events, we hope to elevate your confidence, sustain your enthusiasm and desire to travel, and create opportunities for positive, constructive conversations.

Being “Travel Ready” is based on the belief that we will travel again — when we’re ready and when we feel safe – on our own terms.  It’s also based on a recognition that travel will not be the same as it was, and that it’s incumbent on us to prepare as much as we can for the future.

What Does the Future Look Like?

Based on what we know now, travel will take more planning, more information and more effort. It will likely cost more. It will be more challenging to get to our chosen destinations. More variables will affect our safety that are out of our control. We need to be aware of these variables and the consequences of all of our decisions. (Read “Where do we go from here which includes 2021 Travel Predictions).

As women, we will play an important and influential role in the future of travel. It’s to our benefit to be as prepared – and TravelReady – as possible.

Travel Will be Back

We’ve spent the last 10 months dreaming about travel – and that will continue because we are called by curiosity to seek, learn and teach others about the world. Travel is our passion, and something we love. I truly believe that we will return to travel in the future – but how and when we do that – at home, in our state, province, or country or internationally – will depend on our personal comfort level.  In this time, we have an opportunity to plan, ask questions, learn from experts and share our wisdom as the world’s most experienced women travellers.

By getting TravelReady, we are being practical about travel in the future. Let’s use our time wisely. We have a choice: to design our own vision for travel in the future; to control our health, to take steps to downsize our material possessions; to read books and movies that inspire us; to learn from and support each other.

Thank you for Taking our TravelReady Survey!

What does being “TravelReady” mean to you?
How can we help you?
Our survey is now closed – your input will help us design relevant editorial and events. If you have more ideas please email editor@journeywoman.com. Thank you!

Upcoming Programming and Events

Here is a flavour of what we’ve got coming up for you in the next few weeks. Here are some of the programs we’ve developed just for you:

2021 Health Reset:  Our Health and Wellness expert Shawna Robins is offering her 4-week “Irresistibly Healthy” virtual coaching program for women. This program helps you develop new, healthy habits so you can lose weight, feel more vibrant, improve your gut health, strengthen your immune system, sleep better, plus tips, meal plans and virtual coaching. The next session starts March 23. Learn more HERE

Set Your Intention for Travel: Join Editor Amanda Burgess to visualize, plan and manifest your travel dreams in our Travel Vision workshops. Our first workshop was in January with two more to follow in February and March. Learn more HERE.

Downsizing for Travel: Fresh from my move to an even smaller apartment, I’m sharing my tips on how to minimize your possessions in our January editorial and in a webinar on February 4 with Downsizing Diva Karen Shinn. Sign up HERE!    

Solo Travel Wisdom: We’re evolving our monthly “Behind the Scenes” editorial-themed webinars to focus exclusively on wisdom-sharing from the women in our community. These will be held the last Tuesday of each month and broadcast on Zoom and Facebook. Learn more HERE.

Embracing Nomadic Life: Our January 27 Book Club is travelling to Mexico, Indonesia and Israel with Rita Golden Gelman’s “Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World.” Read more HERE.

Essential Travel Insurance Tips: Do you have an up-to-date financial plan, will, power of attorney and travel insurance? If y ou missed our webinar on Thursday, January 7 you can watch it or read the transcript HERE.  We will be doing more on this topic!

Ethical Animal Tourism: How to make good choices about engaging with wildlife when we travel. Read our Primer and join us on March 4 for our session on this topic.

Let’s Get Energized: Help us build our JourneyWoman TravelReady Playlist with your favourite travel-inspired songs on Spotify! Add your songs and listen to it HERE.


All of our events, including our weekly Community Calls, are listed on our Events Calendar and provided using a Pay-What-You-Can model.

We also want to give back, so we’re donating a portion of any proceeds to a charity of the speaker’s choice.

If you can’t attend live, most sessions are recorded for later viewing on our website or YouTube channel.  

Carolyn is the Publisher + Editor-in-Chief of JourneyWoman and a member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) and Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC). A Canadian raised in South Florida, Carolyn loves all things Spanish, historic destinations and always has her backpack ready to go.



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