13 Travel Items Women Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Last updated on August 22nd, 2021

Packing Tips for Stress-Free Travel

By Sandra Phillips, Guest Writer

When setting off on a trip, you want to be as comfortable as you can and make your trip as stress-free as possible. On a recent JourneyWoman Community Call, I asked our travel-savvy women what they always pack. They offered some marvelous ideas of what to make sure to put in your bag.

1. A comfortable pair of shoes: JourneyWomen favour brands like New Balance for sneakers, and Teva, Ecco or Fitflop for sandals.

2. Swiss Army knife or small foldable scissors: These come in handy for cutting price tags or threads, eating, slicing food, opening plastic packaging, cutting nails. Hot tip for finding scissors: Shop in Chinatown.

3. Creams: Hand moisturizer, Vaseline, Neosporin, Balmex diaper rash ointment – all useful for dry hands and lips, rashes, bites, and sunburn.

4. Band-aids: The clear favourite was Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal Waterproof All-Purpose for all those booboos and blisters. These band-aids stay on for days, even after showers, swimming, etc.

5. Fan: A paper one or a tiny electric one that plugs into a USB port.

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6. Pillow: A blow-up pillow or small airline-size for sleeping on a plane or for long rides, and/or a lumbar pillow for your lower back.

7. Printed Documents: Itineraries, your flights, passport, visas, important cards and phone numbers, just in case your phone goes dead (or is stolen). Swap copies with your traveling companion too!

8. Travel pants: With secret pockets or really loose, stretchy, comfy ones with lots of pockets. Brands mentioned include Clothing Arts, Travelsmith, Tilley, and REI.

9. Skirt or dress: The kind you can scrunch into a corner of your suitcase without it wrinkling.

10. Wrap: To keep you warm, cover you on the beach, for use as a picnic blanket, or to jazz up an outfit.

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Diaper bag

11. Walking sticks: Foldable lightweight ones. They can also be used to traverse long staircases which do not have handrails.

12. Rubber door stopper: So that no one can come into your room without you knowing.

13. Lightweight folding bag: For extra purchases, or if you suddenly aren’t allowed your carry-on on the flight (no room in overhead bins or a plane so small there are tiny overhead bins). This way, you can take out important items and papers, tuck them in the bag and place it under the seat.

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New York City born, but proud Montrealer, Sandra Phillips’ stitched her name into Canada’s fabric by unexpectedly writing best-selling books. The first, Smart Shopping Montreal, set the stage for her to become one of Canada’s smartest shoppers (said Chatelaine), leading her to radio shows, a Montreal Gazette newspaper column and to the TV news (CTV, CBC, Global). She then went on to conquer the US with 4 national book awards for a travel guide: Drive I-95: Exit by Exit Info, Maps, History and Trivia. Sandra has appeared in 100’s of U.S. and Canadian media outlets.

As a JourneyWoman, she has traveled to 65 countries, every US state, all Canadian provinces and she covers her jaunts on Instagram

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At JourneyWoman, we love receiving articles and tips from guest writers if they are part of our community!



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