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Women’s Travel Tips

We want to empower you with the practical, real, and honest information you need to travel safely and well. Here, you’ll find tips from our community to help you plan your journey, be safe when you’re there, and share your story with us when you’re back!   

How Women Heal Through Travel (And Where to Go)

How Women Heal Through Travel (And Where to Go)

When we experience grief, loss or change, our stress levels skyrocket and our immunity plummets, leaving us open to illness. Whether we do it before or after we hit burnout, travel is something that we intuitively turn to for renewal. Yet there’s a significant amount of science behind the idea of travel as stress buster. Get rejuvenated with our guide to choosing the wellness trip that is right for you.

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Women travellers on flying in the COVID Era

Women travellers on flying in the COVID Era

Air travel isn’t what it used to be. Neither are we as travellers. Read on for a summary of experiences and some confidence-boosting recommendations from seasoned women travellers for airports and airlines.

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#TravelatHome Series: Women’s Road Trip Packing Tips for 2020

#TravelatHome Series: Women’s Road Trip Packing Tips for 2020

Packing for any kind of travel – inter-city, in-state/province, in-country or international – in the COVID era is akin to a new parent collecting everything they need for a simple outing. Here are our women-tested safety tips to help you plan and pack for your road trip.

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Travelling with Mom: Tips and Advice

Travelling with Mom: Tips and Advice

One day my 70-year old mom asked me to join her on a trip to Hungary. The trip was not very successful. Ten years later, we’ve been travelling together ever since. Here are my tips to travel with mom.

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She Dresses Smart in Iran anything goes under her coat…

Before visiting Iran, I did my culturally correct clothing research and found out about the chador, the “traditional” Iranian dress for women

Women’s Travel Tip: Arequipa, Peru

JourneyWoman Claudette shares her tips for soaking up all Peru has to offer – including what’s worth the investment and what isn’t.

Women’s Travel Tip: Machu Picchu, Peru

JourneyWoman Marti shares her tips for travelling around Machu Picchu – a place she’s yearned to explore since she was a little girl.

Women’s Travel Tip: San Antonio, TX

Patty has been learning how to become a traveller in her own city, San Antonio, TX.

Women’s Travel Tip: Budget-Friendly in South Africa

As an airline pilot the free flights make all kinds of travel affordable.

Women’s Travel Tip: Turkey for Two!

JourneyWoman Donna travelled Turkey with her daughter – they went without a group and without a plan. Find out why they think you should too!

Women’s Travel Tip: Paris Tours

JounreyWoman reader Joy details a few of the deeply interesting tours she experienced while travelling through culture-rich Paris.

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