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Introducing the JourneyWoman Circle!

Travel is forever changed. To help you navigate our world safely,
we’ve created the JourneyWoman Circle

For almost 30 years, JourneyWoman has been a source of trusted, unbiased information on women’s travel. We may not know exactly what the future looks like, but we know we need new tools and sources of knowledge to guide us.

In these times of anxiety and uncertainty, we are fortunate to have such a vibrant community of like-minded women, rich with knowledge, ideas and experiences to keep us strong. While we hoped that by now, the pandemic would be in the rear view mirror, it’s clear that’s not the case. The question is, how can we help each other sustain our curiosity, optimism and resilience, not knowing what the future holds? 

We’ve developed all-new services to help you build deeper friendships with women who share your passion for travel

As a JourneyWoman, you already have FREE access to our website, monthly emails, the JourneyWoman Magazine, the Book Club, Facebook webinars and the Community Circle Call.  These services will continue to be offered to everyone at no charge.

The JourneyWoman Circle is a suite of BRAND NEW services designed to help you prepare for a future that is still unfolding. It’s our hope that these services will strengthen our community of women around the world by providing a private, secure place for discussions, questions, friendships and shared learning.  This also allows women in our community who do not use (or trust) social media and platforms like Facebook to actively participate and connect with other women. 

Who can you trust to give you accurate information?  A stranger, or a JourneyWoman? 

Through the Circle, you can connect with women around the world through a private and secure members forum, network with trusted experts though the new JourneyWoman Advisory Council, access member-only editorial and features, and create new friendships with like-minded women.  You’ll also get special discounts and deals, and new, member-only experiences.

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What does it means to be a JourneyWoman? 

Watch our new video, featuring JourneyWomen from around the world! 

Connect with women you can trust

As a Founding Member of the JourneyWoman Circle, you’ll have access to:

Specialized editorial content:  Our monthly magazine has been published since 1994, and is a unique combination of practical tips and community-inspired editorial. It will continue to be free to everyone, but members will have access to more specialized content to give you deeper insight and advice on safety, solo travel and inspiring articles that help you seek, learn and teach. We also want to deepen our geographic coverage by expanding our editorial teams around the world.

The JW Community Portal:  A one-stop hub where you can access all Circle benefits, including a private, secure Community Directory and Forum, Advisory Council, calendar of events, webinars, editorial features and deals and discounts just for you.

A private, secure JW Community Directory: Form friendships with women before you travel and get inside information that you can trust in our private forum. 

Trusted Experts on our Women’s Advisory Council:  Our panel of 13 incredible women from our community includes experienced JourneyWomen solo travellers, tour operators, travel agents and experts to guide you in safety, health and wellness, financial planning and insurance. This Council will help us elevate our editorial content and provide you with first-hand information on destinations, safety and solo travel. 

Member-only events and webinars:  While we will still offer free webinars, we are adding all-new community webinars just for members. We have an incredible line-up planned to discuss topics to help us shape our world, including sustainability, ethical animal tourism and expert advice on specific countries and regions.

No Advertising or Spammy stuff:  Unlike other websites, we will continue to provide you with a clean website experience, WITHOUT annoying pop-up ads or other things that distract you from enjoying our content.   That’s not to say we won’t have advertising, but we’ll do it in a way that is transparent and doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment. 

Special Partnerships: We’re arranging strategic relationships with other travel companies to provide you with high-quality learning opportunities to prepare you for future travel. More on this soon!

Member-Only Deals & Discounts: Get a discount on books, ebooks, events, merchandise, tours and savings from our partners around the world. 

Product Reviews and Recommendations: In 2021, we plan to launch a product review section and offer JourneyWoman Circle members the opportunity to test and evaluate travel-related products. 

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