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 An Invitation to Join the JourneyWoman Circle

Imagine the Power of a Circle 


For almost 30 years, JourneyWoman has been a source of trusted, unbiased information on women’s travel. It has also been a sisterhood of women who share common values – generosity, kindness, empathy, gratitude – deepened through the privilege of travel.

Womem have been gathering in circles since the dawn of time. Circles have long been used by indigenous peoples to share wisdom. The JourneyWoman Circle is a place to help all of us prepare for a future that is still unfolding. It’s our hope that our Circle will strengthen our community of women around the world by providing a safe place for discussions, questions, friendships and shared learning. That it will be a place where every woman can share her dreams, hopes, and fears without judgment. A place where every woman has space to speak. Where every voice is invited and welcomed, and every perspective is valued and appreciated. Together, we can become more conscious about who we are, what we do and how we can create meaningful change in the world. 

As our Circle becomes stronger, its ripples will expand and grow, becoming a universal force, creating harmony and peace.

Join us, won’t you?  


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Imagine the women of the world, holding hands in a giant circle 

What You’ll Experience

The JourneyWoman Circle allows for trusting, respectful and reciprocal relationships, with an emphasis on connection and knowledge sharing. We’ve developed new services to facilitate conversations, invite dialogue and provide meaningful support to each other.  These are available through our website in a secure, private forum, making the Circle accessible to all women. 

Our Community Is Open to Everyone 


As a JourneyWoman subscriber, you already have FREE access to our website, monthly emails, the JourneyWoman Magazine, the Book Club, Facebook webinars and the Community Circle Call.

These services will continue to be offered to everyone at no charge, although we have adopted a Pay-What-You-Can Model. Proceeds are donated to non-profits around the world. 

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