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JourneyWoman Community Surveys

Journeywoman has been in business since 1994 — almost 30 years — and is known as a pioneer in the women’s travel industry.  As JourneyWomen, we’re constantly curious, planning for the future and trying to stay one step ahead.

By participating in our community surveys, you can help us develop relevant, insightful editorial content about women’s travel, in service to you.  And, as the travel industry goes through profound change, we can influence the narrative by advocating a woman’s perspective on travel.

JourneyWoman has over 55,000 newsletter subscribers and active communities on social media, representing women from around the world. With such a large global subscriber base, online surveys help us understand your needs and create editorial content and articles that matter to you.

Our surveys are confidential, and we do not sell or share any information to anyone. We DO use your feedback and ideas to create content that will help you travel safely and well. Most importantly, we believe there is no point in doing a survey unless your ideas are being heard. 

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May 2020 Survey

The Impact of COVID-19: Embracing the Unknown

If there is one thing we know as travellers, it’s that we are constantly balancing risk and reward. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated this in ways that will redefine how we travel for years to come.

The travel industry has been conducting research to help them plan for the future. However, many of these surveys do not represent the voices of women, or of our JourneyWoman community. We are some of the most experienced travellers in the world.

As JourneyWomen, we adapt, learn and thrive in any kind of situation. Women are the primary influencers in travel decisions.  This is a time when our voices must be heard.

This survey is intended to achieve two goals:

1) Help us develop inspiring and practical content and services that are relevant and helpful to you in this time and

2) Ensure the voices of women travellers, of JourneyWomen, are heard.

We’re inspired by some of the adventurous women in our community, and those that led the way for the rest of us.  Women like Amelia Earhart, who said: “There’s more to life than being a passenger.”   The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, Earhart represents courage; she was a woman who didn’t let her fear and adversity stop her from doing what she loved most.

How do we perceive risk? What is our criteria to travel again? What are our expectations of the industry? What do we need to help us feel safe again? Who do we trust for accurate information? 


Previous Community Surveys

With a large global audience, online surveys are the most effective way for us to gather insights. 

We’ve conducted two surveys so far

Getting to Know You: In September 2019, we conducted a brief 11-question survey. This was intended to give us a snapshot of you: What country you live in, what quality you have learned from travel, your communications preferences, your ‘bucket list’ countries and what things you were most interested in. This information helped us develop our editorial calendar, and to prioritize which social media channels to focus on. We had almost 400 responses and tons of feedback on email too!

    Here’s what we learned about you:

    • You’re extremely loyal with 62% belonging to our community for over 5 years
    • You’re passionate about travel with 72% taking over five trips a year
    • You are independent and self-directed: Approximately 50% travel solo and 25% are accompanied by a spouse or partner
    • Email is the preferred mode of communication, and like Facebook for social media (84%)
    • About half of all JourneyWomen are in the USA, and 37% in Canada. Our Community is growing rapidly in Australia, the UK, Ireland, and India.
    • Most of our readers are between 55-74 years old, with a growing audience in the 45+ age group
    • Your Top 10 bucket list countries include: Iceland, Australia, Morocco, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Argentina, Egypt, Greece, and India.
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    JourneyWoman Website Survey: In November 2019, we asked for your thoughts to improve our website. What did you value most, like or not, and ideas to improve it? We used this information to design a beautiful new website and will be implementing most of your ideas in a phased approach. We had over 1,530 women complete this survey.

    Key findings included:

    • Most women found the website hard to search: 62% rated the site ‘somewhat’ to ‘not at all appealing’
    • You told us you are hungry for tips, safety, what to wear, cultural etiquette
    • You enjoy the Women’s Travel Directory and find it valuable to find women-friendly tours 
    • You want information organized by destination (77%)
    • You would like to see us on YouTube and podcasts in the future
    • You trust the information presented on the website
    • You are advocates for responsible travel, with over 90% agreeing that we feature destinations, products and topics that are socially responsible and take the environment and animal welfare into account

    You can read more about how this survey informed our website design and branding here.

    We will be doing more surveys in the future and we hope that you’ll always feel comfortable sharing your ideas and insights, knowing that we listen and care and respect your opinions – good or bad. 

    All survey results are private and confidential. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

    If you prefer to share your feedback via email, just send a note to Carolyn at anytime.

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