Call for Editorial: The Curiosity Issue (May 5 and 19, 2021)

Last updated on April 27th, 2021

This Month, We’re Exploring Curiosity 

We reflect on the times that our curiosity has led us to life-changing places, people and experiences.

At JourneyWoman, we want our editorial to be as unique as our community, which is full of experience, wisdom and passion. We want to provide ways for our readers, partners, and advertisers to get involved in every single issue.

This is your opportunity to submit your ideas, pitch us on an article you’d love to write, tell us about industry trends and events that align with our theme, and more.

JourneyWoman is fortunate to have one of the largest mailing lists in the women’s travel sector, with over 55,000 subscribers worldwide.  Approximately 85% of our readers are in the US and Canada, with the remainder in the UK, India, Australia, New Zealand and over 100 other countries. Most of our readers are 55+, crossing the influential Boomer and Gen X generations whose pre-pandemic travel spending was over $3,000 USD a week, according to our research.  Our #TravelReady surveys show that the majority of our readers are planning international travel for late 2021 and 2022 and actively seeking new destinations and experiences to check off their bucket list.

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Read on for a full rundown of our two May 2021 issues at JourneyWoman Magazine.

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If this is your first time writing a travel piece, take a look at some of the travel writing tips sprinkled around our site.  You may be a wonderful writer, but writing for travel takes some practice. It’s all about storytelling, and bringing the reader into your experience.  What are the smells, sights and sounds of your trip? What did you seek? What did you learn? What you can teach others from your experience?

Exploring luxury travel and once-in-a-lifetime experiences

In May, we get curious about how older women are REALLY planning future travel.  We’ll start by featuring age-defying women who are ‘aging disgracefully’, and explore the benefits of wisdom in an industry that often overlooks older women as key influencers in travel. 

Through a woman’s lens, we’ll redefine luxury travel. This isn’t just about luxe stays, it’s about unique, immersive experiences that enrich women’s lives. For our active adventuresses, these range from culinary tours in Tuscany, to memoir-writing workshops in Paris, to art and history tours in Rome. Or, they may be inspired by hiking and exploration closer to home through indigenous experiences in Canada’s north, or planning trips to faraway places like Machu Pichu, yachting in the Bahamas

From safaris and expeditions to river cruises, and volunteering to wildlife experiences, we’ll cover it all – giving women some serious inspiration for planning and expanding your bucket list travel.

Want to contribute?  We have many ways for you to get involved, both from an editorial and advertising perspective.

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We also conduct regular pulse surveys of our readers to ensure we are aligning our editorial with their needs.

Deadlines are approximately two weeks prior to publication.

Nadine L skydiving, attached to instructor

Special Mailing:  May 28 (deadline is May 14 to reserve space) 

We are also offering a special mailing to our full list of 55,000 women for tour operators whose experiences aligned with our editorial.
From safaris and expeditions to river cruises, eco-friendly accommodations, indigenous and wildlife experiences, we’ll cover it all – giving women some serious inspiration for planning and expanding their bucket list travel.  We know from our research that women are seeking new destinations, so let’s give them lots of options!
If you have a women-friendly tour, accommodation or experience we would like to hear from you.
Contact: Tom Zara,

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