JourneyWoman Magazine: Starting a New Year with an Issue on Renewal

Last updated on January 21st, 2021

by Amanda Burgess, Editor

A New Year, A New Approach to Travel Journalism

2020 was our first full editorial year developing content under broad travel themes for JourneyWoman Magazine. Themes like Growth, Curiosity, Love, Inspiration, Serendipity, and most recently, Memories and Rituals.  This allowed us to experiment and explore a broad range of topics – from health and wellness, accessibility and mobility to ethical animal treatment – while staying true to our travel focus.

Our editorial staff includes Carolyn Ray, our Publisher and Editor-in-Chief (Right), and Amanda Burgess, our Editor (Left).  You can read more about us on the Our Story page of this website. We are both accredited members of the highly respected travel writing professional association called the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW). Carolyn is also a member of the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC).

In 2020, we welcomed two Contributing Writers to our team: Diana Eden, who focuses on travel for women over 80, and Sally Peabody, who contributes incredible destination-focused articles from her years of experience as a tour operator and travel writer. We are honoured to have them on our small but mighty team!

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Our Editorial Themes Guide our Content 

Exploring our Themes

January -February: RENEWAL

In January & February, we consider the topic of renewal. The start of a new year is a time for renewal – the act of resuming an activity or state after an interruption, or replacing or repairing something that is run-down or broken. Sometimes, it’s us who needs renewal. Renewal of our passions, our goals, our values, our sense of self.

Other times, it’s industries and systems that we push towards renewal. After a year of pause, slowing down, and staying home, each of us and the travel industry will enter a period of renewal.

March-April: GROWTH

In March and April, we explore the myriad ways that travel helps us grow – as women, as human beings, as citizens of our own countries and the world.

* The March issue will include a special focus on World Wildlife Day on March 3 and International Women’s Day on March 8.

* The April issue will include a special focus on Earth Day on April 22 and World Book Day on April 23. 


Throughout May and June, we reflect on the times that our curiosity has led us to life-changing places, people and experiences.


July-August: LOVE

In July and August, we pen love letters to the different shades of love (and self-love) we discover through travel.

September-October: INSPIRATION

Throughout September and October, we dive deep into the many ways that travel lights the fires of our inspiration.

November-December: MEMORIES & RITUALS

In November and December, we take a retrospective look back at the year we all lived, and a look ahead to what the next year will bring.

You can find more detailed information and deadlines for these themes on our Editorial Calendar page. Generally speaking, editorial deadlines are one month in advance of the issue. 


In 2021, We’ll Publish Two Issues of JourneyWoman Magazine Each Month

Since we want to produce content that is both unique/inspirational and practical/actionable, we have decided to increase the editorial frequency of JourneyWoman magazine to two issues each month. Each issue will be published on a Wednesday, with the hope of bringing a little travel joy into the middle of your week!

Our content falls into three main buckets that are intended to help us seek, learn and teach: 

Issues and Industry Thought Leadership: Our content  follows our six editorial themes throughout the year and contains the high-quality journalistic content you’ve come to expect from us – meaty articles exploring industry issues, in-depth solo travel memoirs, and industry thought leadership on the role of women in travel. 

Community-Generated Authentic Tips and Stories:  Established long ago by Evelyn Hannon, we accept community-generated articles that meet our editorial guidelines and practical, tip-style articles from industry experts and travellers in our community. We do not accept any articles from advertising agencies, PR firms or content marketers. 

Destinations: We’ll continue our focus on specific regions of the world and will include articles from our team, Context Travel tours (virtual and in-person) that will deepen your knowledge of countries in the featured region, and more.

By expanding to two issues a month, we can dig deeper into specific topics and issues and create a little more breathing room in our editorial.

 How you can Participate in Themed Issues  

JourneyWoman Magazine has always been, and will continue to be, free. However, as a small team, we do need your help to develop content.

Submit an Article: Have an idea for a story you’d like to submit? We accept articles from our community and other female travel writers.

  • January Issue: The January issues will be published on January 13 and January 27. Pitch me at by WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9. All copy due, with images, by TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15. 
  • February Issue: The February issue will be published on February 10 and 24. The deadline to submit an article is January 9.

Submission Guidelines: Our Submission Guidelines are HERE for those who want more detail. As noted in our editorial guidelines, we do not accept articles or posts from marketing or advertising firms.

Community Content: Want to contribute to an article written by our team? Our community focus this month is the journeys we’ve taken to renew ourselves and shake up our lives. The ones we’ve taken after a loss, to start a new life, to volunteer abroad, to heal. We’re talking about the yoga retreats, the healing tours, voluntourism and more. Have you taken one of these trips?

Email me at by WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9. All interviews will take place from December 9 to 12.

Advertisers: Please contact for information on a listing in the Women’s Travel Directory and other partnership opportunities.

Solo Travel Wisdom Webinars:  Each month, we host a special webinar to meet the women featured in our editorial. These are an informal Q&A session which is recorded and shared on our YouTube channel, Facebook page and website. We welcome ideas and topics at any time. 

Please note: We receive hundreds of inquiries and prioritize those coming from our community over generic emails. If you don’t hear from us, that’s because we’re a small team and doing our best to keep up! 

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Discovering New Destinations

Every month, we’ll explore different destinations around the world. We welcome tips and pitches for submitted articles and story pitches from women in our community.

As noted in our editorial guidelines, we do not accept articles or posts from marketing, advertising or content marketing firms. That is called advertising. 

We will consider advertising and articles from our partners, pending editorial review. Tour companies must be in our Women’s Travel Directory to be included on our website. Advertising inquiries should be directed to

We Value your Feedback

We publish JourneyWoman Magazine for you, so please send us your thoughts and feedback at any time.  Thank you!

Amanda Burgess, a Toronto-based writer and creative strategist whose bags are always packed for her next adventure, is our Editor at JourneyWoman. She is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), and a Certified Cancer Journey Coach who creates a safe space for cancer patients and caregivers to design their dream lives – while living with cancer, and on the other side of it.



We always strive to use real photos from our own adventures, provided by the guest writer or from our personal travels. However, in some cases, due to photo quality, we must use stock photography. If you have any questions about the photography please let us know.

Disclaimer: We are so happy that you are checking out this page right now! We only recommend things that are suggested by our community, or through our own experience, that we believe will be helpful and practical for you. Some of our pages contain links, which means we’re part of an affiliate program for the product being mentioned. Should you decide to purchase a product using a link from on our site, JourneyWoman may earn a small commission from the retailer, which helps us maintain our beautiful website. JourneyWoman is an Amazon Associate and earns from qualifying purchases. Thank you!

We want to hear what you think about this article, and we welcome any updates or changes to improve it. You can comment below, or send an email to us at

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