Vote by July 8: JourneyWoman Selected as Finalist for ‘Best Travel Blog’ by TBEX

by | Jul 2, 2024

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Last updated on July 5th, 2024

Featured image: Help us win Best Travel Blog! Since 1994, JourneyWoman has been a source of inspiration to help women take the first step in solo travel / Photo by Shutterstock

Your vote matters: help us increase awareness of older women in travel

JourneyWoman has been selected as a finalist for the world’s “Best Travel Blog” by the Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX).  Founded in 2009, TBEX is the largest community of travel creators and influencers in the world who are passionate about creating inspiring travel content.  After more than 25 years online, JourneyWoman’s website still ranks in the top 20 travel websites in the world since its creation in 1997. The Award will be given out at the TBEX North America conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on July 9-12, 2024, based on the number of votes received and a review by a panel of judges. 

“When I attended my first TBEX conference in 2019, I was grateful that TBEX honoured JourneyWoman founder (the late) Evelyn Hannon for her leadership in travel blogging,” said Carolyn Ray, Editor and CEO, JourneyWoman. “Not only did she start one of the first travel websites in the world and mentor other emerging bloggers, receiving this award on our 30th anniversary would be even more special. This nomination demonstrates the sustainability of Evelyn’s idea in 1994 to connect solo women online, and shows the importance of older women’s voices in travel.”

 In 2020, the entire website was rebuilt and redesigned, based on feedback from JourneyWoman readers. The original JourneyWoman website was built in 1997, had over 3,000 pages and thousands of articles. In a survey completed by almost 2,000 women, readers said they wanted more information on solo tips, safety, cultural etiquette, more companies in our Women’s Travel Directory. There was also a strong desire for JourneyWoman to advocate for more responsible and sustainable ways to travel. Our readers have profoundly influenced the evolution of the JourneyWoman website.  Thank you!

How to vote for JourneyWoman

Please vote for JourneyWoman by July 8. You can vote every day (voting counts for about 35% of the overall decision-making process by the judges, so it’s important!)

1. Visit the TBEX site here:

2. View the complete list of finalists. The first screen shows all the entries. Under “best Travel Blog finalists”, JourneyWoman is listed at the top. Just scroll past these to vote (do not click on the blue buttons).

3. Scroll down to the blue section. (Note that the voting section is not in the same order as the previous section.)

4. Choose ‘no vote in this category’ if you don’t want to vote here. There are many wonderful female creators who can use your support, if you have time to review their websites.

blue badge for finalist TBEX Travel Blog awards

5. Click next until you come to “Best Travel Blog’. JourneyWoman is the first one, click on the box. Click next to come to the consent box.

6. Your information page: You will need to provide your name and email to complete the voting. Click on ‘Cast your vote’.

7. Confirmation email:  Look for a confirmation email in your inbox. You must click on “confirm your submission’ to submit your vote, so make sure it’s not in your junk mail. You’ll then see a screen that says ‘thank you for your vote’.

Congratulations to all the finalists for the TBEX Travel Creator awards!

A brief look back

It took over six months to review all of the existing articles from the original website, and then redesign it based on reader feedback. We continue to evolve the website — it’s an ongoing effort to provide inspirational articles and practical tips to the millions of readers who visit our site every year.

The original JourneyWoman website home page 

The original JourneyWoman website navigation, until 2020

The original Women’s Travel Directory: we have always supported other women-owned small businesses in the travel industry

About JourneyWoman

Founded in 1994, JourneyWoman™ is the world’s first solo female travel resource and one of the most trusted women’s travel brands in the world. JourneyWoman hosts the world’s largest Women’s Travel Directory as a free service to women, providing hundreds of curated and vetted women-friendly tours, retreats, small ships and safe places to stay while supporting small tourism businesses around the world. To elevate women’s voices, the award-winning Soul of Travel Podcast joined JourneyWoman in 2023. JourneyWoman also launched the travel industry’s first Women’s Speaker’s Bureau to share wisdom from women over 50 and accelerate diversity and the JourneyWoman Awards for Women Over 50. To learn more, visit FacebookInstagram, or LinkedIn. JourneyWoman is a registered trademark of Journeywoman Enterprises Inc.

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