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These Women Over 60 Are Solo Travel Rock Stars
Edited by Evelyn Hannon

In 1984 when I first started traveling solo I had no one to mentor me. If there were other women around my age doing what I was doing I had no way of finding them. After all, we hadn't yet gotten to a point in cyber history where most people had computers in their homes. The terms 'blog' and 'bloggers' didn't make their appearance until the late 1990s. By then was born (circa 1997) and I began reaching out to try and identify other women doing what I was doing. Today, either via my Journeywoman Newsletter or Twitter and Facebook my list of female contemporaries who travel the world solo continues to grow. I refer to them as my 'rock star wise women.' It feels good to be surrounded by these interesting 'sisters' who are based around the world. Now, I'd like to introduce them to you.

Zoe Dawes

zoe dawes
(Zoe with sea lions on Galapagos Islands, Ecuador - magical experience.)

Name: Zoe Dawes

Age: 61

Home base: North West England

Number of countries visited: 43

How I am traveling differently at 60+ than I travelled at 45: As I've gotten older I seek out more unusual and interesting places rather than sun, sea and sand destinations. The history, culture and food of places fascinates me and meeting local people has become more important. I'm still happy to travel alone but the experience is now sometimes more important than the destination.

The destination I would go back to in a minute: Nepal, a country I visited 30 years ago, has always been my top destination. Not only for the mountain scenery and beautiful architecture but also for the very friendly people. Last year I visited the Galapagos Islands which are even more engaging than I expected - amazing wildlife and unique ecology - it's a tie for top now.

I met this unforgettable person while traveling: A Buddhist monk in Pokhara, Nepal. He was on a pilgrimage to the sites related to Buddha. As the sun set over the Annapurna Range, he talked about his faith and travels, why he loved being a monk and was such a gentle, wise, funny man. I've been interested in Buddhism ever since. (He said I should become a nun, but that was a step too far!)

My funniest or most unusual travel experience: Going into and exploring the infamous Walled City (now pulled down) in Hong Kong is one that I'll never forget. It was a maze of damp, narrow, dark passages, home to the notorious Triads and there was a real air of menace. I was very glad to escape in one piece.

My two bits of wisdom for other travellers: (1) Ask a guide or accommodation provider for recommendations for where locals eat - you'll get a much more genuine culinary experience than at a tourist centre. (2) Don't be afraid to get a bit lost (within reason!) as you never know what hidden gems you may come across.

My website:



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