The JourneyWoman Legacy Fund in Honour of Evelyn Hannon

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Evelyn Hannon was truly a pioneer of women’s empowerment, leading the charge for solo women travellers at a time when the practice was almost unheard of. Today, we continue to benefit from her wisdom, travel advice, and adventurous spirit – as do many of you. Many of the JourneyWoman community have been along for the ride since the beginning, and while you may have reached a point in your life where in-depth knowledge, articles, and support for travel are not at the top of your list of priorities. However, you may still want to contribute to JourneyWoman as our community of women continues to grow and flourish.

In honour of Evelyn, we’ve established the JourneyWoman Legacy Fund. Your support will be used to sustain Evelyn’s legacy and empower future generations of women to travel solo.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness! We look forward to your ideas, suggestions, and constructive feedback on all things JourneyWoman!  Your support will help to maintain our website, fund our women’s empowerment initiatives, support our growing network, and much, much more! It also gives you a voice in the future of JourneyWoman.

Stay safe and be well

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ABOUT EVELYN: In April 2019, JourneyWoman founder Evelyn Hannon embarked on her biggest solo adventure into the unknown following a three-year battle with cancer. To you, her sisterhood of JourneyWomen, she was more than the world's first female travel blogger. More than a sage guide and trusted resource. She was more than we could encapsulate in a single tribute or an article penned by one person. A woman ahead of her time, Evelyn Hannon was a trailblazer whose confidence and courage for solo travel inspired our desire. In August 2019, Evelyn's family invited Carolyn Ray to continue Evelyn's legacy, and expand and grow the JourneyWoman movement around the world, a role she's accepted with great gusto and passion.

Here's our tribute to Evelyn, written in 2019:  In 2020, new owner Carolyn Ray arranged for Evelyn's iconic red boots to be donated to the Bata Shoe Museum in recognition of Evelyn's role in empowering a generation of women to get out and travel solo:

Melissa Fox

Island-born mother of two with dreams of world travel. JourneyWoman webmistress since 2013 - proud to be a part of Evelyn's continued legacy! Message me for help with your JW account and profile.

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