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Up next:  Thursday, September 28, 2023, 8 pm EST 

Featuring Solo Travel Memoirs by Women Over 80 

Hosted by our Travel Over 80 writer Diana Eden, this session will feature three women who have written memoirs: Joyce Perrin, 86, author of “Ants in My Pants”, Ruth Malloy, 91, Author of “Brightening My Corner: A Memoir of Dreams Fulfilled”, and Faye Day, 84, Author of “Every Nook and Cranny” series of travel guides.

Hosted by our Women’s Travel Advisory Council and Editorial Team

There is a $2.50 charge to reserve your place with all proceeds donated to After Breast Cancer. Please note we only have capacity for 100 women. Calls are recorded and shared on our Youtube channel. 

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JourneyWoman Travel Book Club

Up next: Wednesday, October 18, 8 pm ET: “The Dictionary of Lost Words” by Pip Williams, set in Oxford, UK

Travel by book with the JourneyWoman Book Club. We meet monthly on the third Wednesday of each month at 8 pm EST. All are welcome! We publish a monthly book club newsletter with books recommended by our partner Tripfiction.

Our Book Club is $5 US/CDN to hold your place, a portion of which is donated to a non-profit. Please note we only have capacity for 100 women. Calls are recorded and shared on our Youtube channel.

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JourneyWoman Meetups

We’ve just had meetups in Toronto, Victoria and Vancouver.  New ones are being scheduled now.

If you’d like to host one please email Carolyn at

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Never Too Old to Travel Solo: At 86, Joyce Perrin is Still Making Connections

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You’re never too old to travel solo, says 86-year old author Joyce Perrin in her memoir, “Ants in My Pants”. Join Joyce and other 80+ authors on our September 28 webinar.

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Post-Pandemic Webinar Series: How to Get Started in Solo Travel (Group Travel)

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Thinking about post-pandemic travel? Meet our expert panel of women-owned tour operators to learn about group travel for solo women.

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Karen Gershowitz Sparks “Wanderlust” and Curiosity With New Travel Book

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With her new book, “Wanderlust”, Karen Gershowitz embraces curiosity to step into the unknown for more meaningful travel experiences.

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Introducing the JourneyWoman CyberSecurity Webinar Series: Staying Safe Online

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Learn how to protect your online safety with our CyberSafety Webinars in April and May with cybersecurity expert Paige Hanson.

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JourneyWoman Webinar: Sustainable Travel in the Post-COVID Era

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Learn about sustainable travel on our September 9 webinar with JourneyWoman CEO Carolyn Ray, Anna Pollock, Norie Quintos and Shannon Guihan.

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What is Unconscious Bias in Travel?

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JourneyWoman Advisory Council member Tonya Fitzpatrick facilitates an educational discussion on unconscious bias in travel.

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Sustainable Travel: Expert Tips to Protect Wildlife

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JourneyWoman’s animal tourism expert Nora Livingstone shares her thoughts on what we can do to protect wildlife when we travel.

Designing Your Future Travel Lifestyle (Webinar + Transcript)

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In this #TravelReady session, we explore slow travel, finding cost-effective accommodations, plus tips to keep your identity safe with expert Nora Dunn.

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Travel Safety Tips for Women From a Self Defense Expert

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Self-defense expert Lorna Selig shares her top travel tips for women and hosts a 60-minute self-defense training class.

JourneyWoman Presents: Women’s Sleep & Health Hacks to Travel Better (Webinar)

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Want to feel more powerful, happier and energized? It all starts with better sleep. Join best-selling author Shawna M. Robins as she shares her expert tips for women who travel.