11 Ways for Women to Stay Inspired About Travel During a Pandemic

Last updated on February 4th, 2021

There are Many Ways to Stay Inspired about Travel

Over 25 years ago, Evelyn Hannon had an idea.  She believed that there could be a sisterhood of women who could support each other in our journey of life, with travel as a unifying experience. She believed that there could be a sisterhood that supports each other in our desire as women to learn and grow. A sisterhood that is a safe place where women can express their ambitions, their fears and their foibles – all in the spirit of self-discovery and learning. A sisterhood that should not be taken for granted, because its power is profound and far-reaching.

As JourneyWomen, curiosity is our compass. We are teachers, role models and mentors, sharing our stories with intention, striving to influence positive change. Grounded in our values of generosity, empathy and kindness, we learn from and teach one another through forums such our Community Calls, JourneyWoman Circle membership and expert-led webinars on provocative topics that elevate our understanding of the world. To help women prepare for a post-COVID world, our Women’s Advisory Council offers unfiltered advice to women on topics ranging from accessibility to ethical tourism to safety.

We invite you to participate in the forums we’ve created to empower, support, share and learn from each other.

1. Join us on a JourneyWoman Community Call 

These calls are a wonderful way to meet other JourneyWomen in an informal, casual setting. We’ve been having them every week since March and just rolled out new ones in Indonesia and the West Coast of the US. Please join us!

There are three calls to choose from:

  • East Coast/Europe: Join Carolyn and Amanda EVERY FRIDAY AT 10 AM ET. Register HERE
  • Australia and Indonesia: Join Amit the third Tuesday of each month at 5:00 PM AEST.  Register HERE
  • West Coast/Mexico: Join Marillee on the second Thursday of each month at 11:00 PT. Register HERE

You can read more about these calls HERE.

In 2021, we will be offering a guide for JourneyWoman Circle members to start their own calls. Interested? Email carolyn@journeywoman.com for more information.

JourneyWoman Virtual Circle Facebook Cover

2.  Enjoy our Editorial 

Your Editorial Team – Carolyn and Amanda – are constantly seeking and writing stories of interest to the mature female traveller. We’re also thrilled when we receive submissions of interest to women, written in a conversational, helpful and practical way. Some of the most-read articles on our website include:

two women on a couch
And much more!  

3. Tap in to our Experts on the JourneyWoman Women’s Advisory Council

Established in August 2020, the JourneyWoman Advisory Council is an expert group of women who provide strategic counsel and provide honest, unbiased advice on topics from solo travel, tours, destinations, health and wellness, financial management and other topics.

Right now, we’re focusing on Travel Readiness, preparing content and webinars to help you prepare for future travel. The importance of sleep. The importance of preparing our bodies through stretching and exercise. And the importance of financial planning. Making good decisions about engaging with animals when we return to travel. These are just a few of the things we’re doing with our JourneyWoman Advisory Council.

We’d love to hear your questions. Send them to askajw@journeywoman.com.

We’re ready to respond to your most pressing questions about travel, safety and well-being from women you can trust.

4. Join the JourneyWoman Book Club

There’s nothing like a good book to keep us inspired about travel.

This year, we’ve travelled to Spain, Ireland, France, Portugal, the USA and the Middle East.  You can read more about these books here.

Book club sessions are the third Wednesday of each month at 8 pm ET and are hosted by JW Publisher Carolyn Ray and co-host Wendy B.

There are two remaining sessions in 2020:

November 19: Mistress of Nothing (Egypt) Register HERE.

December 16: State of Wonder (Brazil). Register HERE.

Your book club co-hosts, Wendy and Carolyn, invite you to submit any recommendations for 2021. You can do that HERE.

5. Meet Other Women Passionate about Travel  in the JourneyWoman Circle

In September, we announced the JourneyWoman Circle, a special membership program that responds to your requests for a secure, private place for questions, friendships and shared learning for everyone.

The JourneyWoman Circle allows for trusting, respectful and reciprocal relationships, with an emphasis on connection and knowledge sharing. We’ve developed new services to facilitate conversations, invite dialogue and provide meaningful support to each other.  These are available through our website in a secure, private forum, making the Circle accessible to all women. We’re ramping up our private groups, community directory and member-only editorial, webinars and special deals and discounts!

Canadian and US pricing is at par, so please join us to make new friends and prepare for future travel!


Step into the Circle - JW Membership Badge - Transparent

6. Travel From Home with Context Travel’s Expert-Led Seminars + Courses 

To help women travellers continue to build knowledge and feed their curiosity, we’ve announced an exclusive partnership with Context Travel to offer expert-led online seminars, courses and special classes.

We also publish a weekly curated list of sessions we think you’ll enjoy. Usually you can find this in our ‘Destinations’ section.

Through Context Conversations, you can access 35 online interactive seminars every week, as well over 30 online interactive courses with a network of scholars and specialists that span nearly every cultural capital around the world and have expertise in thousands of focus areas. Learn more here..

Dreaming of Italy? Click here for Brenda’s suggestions on virtual travel seminars.

Missing London? Click here for Joy’s suggestions on virtual travel seminars.

7. Watch “JourneyWoman Magazine: Behind the Scenes” Each Month 

Every month, Editor Amanda Burgess takes you behind the scenes of our current issue with lively, in-depth interviews with the women profiled in our editorial. 

Sessions are broadcast live on Zoom and Facebook, and recorded so that you can enjoy them later. 

For a taste of these, watch a webinar! 

  • Watch our inaugural August Love issue with Joy, Nadine, Mary here
  • Watch our September Inspiration Issue with Carolyn, Diana and Jane here
  • Watch our October Inspiration Issue with Dr. Nekessa Remy and Shawna Robins here.

More available in our Archives section here.

8. Check out our Events Calendar

There’s lots going on, to make it easy for you, we’ve built our own Events Calendar which allows you to register right on our site for upcoming events.  Just click on an event to learn more, and click REGISTER to join a book club, webinar, Live session or recommended third-party event.

You can access the JourneyWoman Events Calendar here.


9. Watch our archive of JourneyWoman LIVE Sessions  

We record all of our webinars, book clubs and behind the scenes sessions for those who want to watch them later.  These cover a range of topics, from animal tourism to sleep, plus destinations and self-care. 

Some of our most popular ones include: 

Ethical Animal Tourism: Expert Tips for Responsible Animal Tourism   with Dr. Carol Kline, Nora Livingstone and JW Publisher Carolyn Ray

Sleep Tips to Travel Better with Sleep Expert Shawna Robins and Editor Amanda Burgess (JourneyWoman Circle Members only)

You can access them on our website here.

Carolyn Ray and Amanda Burgess - JW Facebook Live Dec 2019
Announcing the JW Facebook Travel Group

10. Get Involved on our Social Media Platforms 

There are many places to connect with mature women who love travel in addition to our website.

  • JourneyWoman Facebook page (Public page on Facebook), where we share new, editorial, and events with over 18,000 followers 
  • JourneyWoman Women’s Travel Group (Private group on Facebook): Join 2,000 women who share tips and advice daily. 
  • JourneyWoman on Instagram (@journeywoman_original) with our almost 3,000 followers 
  • JourneyWoman on Twitter (@journeywoman) where we share news with our 43,000+ followers 

Just keep in mind that while social media platforms are ‘free’, your personal data is being collected by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Here on this website, it is not, as we have invested heavily in security software.  (another reason to join the JourneyWoman Circle). 


11. Visit our Women’s Travel Directory 

Planning your next trip?  JourneyWoman has the largest directory of women-friendly tours to Bali, Europe, South America, India and many other places around the world.  Many of these are all women-owned businesses who have been providing services for women for decades. We encourage you to check these out and reach out to the contacts listed with any questions about destinations.  Click here to learn more. 

We have three tour operators on our JourneyWoman Advisory Council, who are available to answer your questions at any time! Just email us at askajw@journeywoman.com

  • Cathy Gotfried, Babes in Bali
  • Doni Belau, Girls Guide to Paris 
  • Linda Higdon, Women’s Journey to Kenya 

Look for hot deals and discounts from our Women’s Travel Directory in our monthly newsletters. 

Little French Quay, Honduras

BONUS: Help us Reforest the Earth with Tree Sisters  

tree sisters - women seeding changeOn Earth Day in April 2020, we formed a partnership with Tree Sisters to help reforest our planet.. Trees are the lungs of our planet and every effort to improve our environment serves all humankind. Our partnership focuses on reforesting areas like the rain forests of Brazil, the upland forests of Mount Kenya, Mount Bamboutos in Cameron, Khasi Hills in North East India, and mangroves in Madagascar and Mozambique. Our goal is to plant 100,000 trees by 2021.

There are several ways you can help!

  1. Make a donation to the JourneyWoman Tree Sisters Fund and make a contribution HERE. 
  2. Every time someone subscribes to our magazine, we’ll make a donation on their behalf. So refer JourneyWoman.com to the amazing women in your life and ask them to Subscribe to our newsletter. 
  3. When you register for events on our website (free or paid), we will ask you to make a small donation of $1.99 to help us plant a tree.
  4. Whenever a JourneyWoman Circle membership, ebook or branded merchandise is sold, we will ask you to make a small donation of $1.99 to help us plant a tree.

Follow JourneyWoman for curated articles, tips, news and content from our community and our partners.



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