Meet Nine Best-Selling Authors at our October 2022 Women’s Wellness Retreat

by | Sep 14, 2022

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Last updated on September 17th, 2022

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Meet these best-selling authors in person at our October retreat 

By Carolyn Ray, Editor, JourneyWoman

Not only are our Women’s Travel Wisdom speakers inspirational, they’re also established authors opening the dialogue around issues and shaping perspectives. From wellness to fashion design to life-altering travel stories, these women are sharing their stories and voice to empower others in their life journeys.

You can meet them all at our upcoming Women’s Travel Wisdom retreat in Northern California in October 2022. We are offering a special coupon for $450USD off for last-minute booking – use LastChance450 to get that discount by sending an email to . The code is good until September 23rd.

Lola Akinmade Akerstrom: Lagom: The Secret of Living Well

Lola is an award-winning Nigerian-American visual storyteller, photographer and international bestselling author based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, BBC, CNN, The Guardian, Sunday Times Travel, The Telegraph, New York Times, Travel + Leisure, Slate, Travel Channel, Adventure Magazine, Lonely Planet, amongst others. 

In addition to contributing to several books, she is the author of the following books – 2018 Lowell Thomas Award winner for best travel book, Due North and bestselling LAGOM: Swedish Secret of Living Well, available in 18 foreign language editions. 

As the Swedish proverb goes, ‘Lagom är bäst‘ (The right amount is best). Lagom sums up the Swedish psyche and is a way of living that promotes harmony. It celebrates fairness, moderation and being satisfied with what you’ve got. It’s not about having too little or too much but about fully inviting contentment into our lives

In 2020, Lola published In Every Mirror She’s Black which is shortlisted for the 2021 Outstanding Works of Literature (OWL) Award.

Lagom The Swedish Secret to Living Well book cover
First They Killed My Father book cover

Loung Ung: First They Killed My Father 

A life-long activist, Loung Ung is a public speaker and bestselling author of three books including First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers, published in 2006. From a childhood survivor of the Cambodian genocide under the regime of Pol Pot, this is a riveting narrative of war crimes and desperate actions, the unnerving strength of a small girl and her family, and their triumph of spirit. She then co-wrote the screenplay for the 2017 Netflix Original Movie, “First They Killed My Father” directed by Angelina Jolie. 

She has also written Lucky Child and Lulu in the Sky. Loung started her activism work in 1993 when she became the Community Educator for a domestic shelter in Maine. 

Read our interview with Loung here.

Diana Eden: Stars in their Underwear

After a career as a dancer and actress, Diana Eden spent 30 years in Hollywood, costume designing prime-time television series, soap operas, pilots, movies for TV, and feature films, plus dozens of stage productions both in Los Angeles and New York. Eden received an Emmy nomination for the film “A League of Their Own”, plus two more Emmy nominations for NBC’s Passions.

In 2020, Diana published her memoir “Stars in Their Underwear”, covering her triple careers and her interaction with some of Broadway and Hollywood’s biggest stars. 

In the book, she pulls back the curtain on stage and screen personalities such as Carol Burnett, Debra Messing, George Clooney, Betty White, Dixie Carter, Thomas Haden Church, Kaley Cuoco, and many more. She shares her experiences from the heart of numerous history-making events: the Inauguration of President Lyndon Johnson, the Diana Ross concert in Central Park, the MGM Fire of 1980, and appearances in two iconic films The Producers and Valley of the Dolls.

Stars in Their Underwear Diana Eden
Lola Akinmade Akerstrom

Lola Akinmade Akerstrom, author of LAGOM: Swedish Secret of Living Well


Loung Ung, author of First They Killed My Father


Diana Eden, author of Stars in Their Underwear

A scenic look over the countryside in Devon, UK

Women’s Travel Wisdom Retreat: Meet Keynote Speaker Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Lola Akinmade Åkerström is speaking at our Women’s Travel Wisdom retreat, co-hosted by JourneyWoman™ and Girls’ Guide to Paris, in October 2022.

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Powerful Sleep by Shawna Robins

Shawna Robins: Powerful Sleep

Shawna is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and CEO of Kaia Heath and Wellness.   

She is an international best-selling author of two books “Powerful Sleep – Rest Deeply, Repair Your Brain and Restore Your Life”, as well as “Irresistibly Healthy – Simple Strategies to Feel Vibrant, Alive, Healthy and Full of Energy Again”.

Read more from Shawna here.

Robin Griggs Lawrence: The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook

Natural health and lifestyle expert Robyn Griggs Lawrence’s books have introduced mainstream America to cannabis cooking, wabi-sabi, and sustainable lifestyles. 

In 2015, she wrote one of the first mainstream cannabis books, the bestselling “Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook”, which covers every meal from brunch to late-night cocktails and snacks, with more than one hundred fully tested recipes from experienced professional chefs, The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook guides readers through the process of making fresh, tasty, and healthy home-cooked meals using cannabis as the main additive. Recipes include sides, snacks, cocktails and fabulous entrees.

Stars in Their Underwear Diana Eden
Powerful Sleep by Shawna Robins

Krista Stanley: Quantum Psyche 2 

Dr. Stanley is a trance medium and intuitive guide. From a young age, Dr. Stanley was aware of an ethereal realm of reality that somehow penetrated our material world. Her curiosity prompted her to explore the phenomena through cultural and religious understanding, sacred practice, metaphysical philosophy and experiential research. I

In 2020, Dr. Stanley contributed to Quantum Psyche II: Quantum Psychology, which attempts to transform this intuition into a more formal theory. 


Shawna Robins, author of Powerful Sleep


Krista Stanley, contributor to Quantum Psyche II

Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Robin Griggs Lawrence, author of Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook

A scenic look over the countryside in Devon, UK

The Pandemic’s Impact on Women: An Interview with Author Loung Ung

Meet Loung Ung, a life-long activist, solo traveller, and author of ‘First They Killed My Father, a 2017 movie directed by Angelina Jolie.

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Powerful Sleep by Shawna Robins

Julie Cottineau: Brand Twist

Julie Cottineau is a global branding expert, CEO & founder of BrandTwist brand consultancy and former VP of Brand for Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. She is passionate about helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits TWIST their corporate and personal brands to stand out in crowded markets. She is the author of the best selling branding book TWIST: How Fresh Perspectives Build Breakthrough Brands.

Doni Belau: Paris Cocktails 

Doni Belau launched women’s tour company Girls’ Guide to Paris & Beyond in September of 2009, which began as a travel website and guide about everything Paris related. In 2011, GG2P began conducting its first women-only tours, first to France and now working with 20 partners, they have expanded to lead more than 40 trips women-only trips, retreats and adventures around the globe. 

In 2015, Doni wrote the first book on the new Paris Craft Cocktail movement, Paris Cocktails: An Elegant Collection of Over 100 Recipes Inspired by the City of Light. More than just a cocktail book, Paris Cocktails celebrates the art of drinking like the French, with entertaining tips for throwing a perfectly Parisian cocktail party, revelations on the latest trends in French mixology, reviews of the best bars in both America and Paris where you can find the true French cocktail experience, and musings from French and non-French alike who have mastered the art of French drinking.

Stars in Their Underwear Diana Eden
Powerful Sleep by Shawna Robins

Carolyn Ray: A Gelato a Day (contributor)

Carolyn Ray believes that anything is possible when you set your intention. A passionate traveller, in 2018, Carolyn gave up everything she owned to travel full-time after a transformative trip to Kenya with her daughter.  

She shares that story in “A Gelato A Day” a collection of travel tales that highlights the good, the bad and the not-really-that-ugly of the family travel experience.  Edited by Claudia Laroye. It includes 20 family travel stories from award-winning authors in Canada and the United States. 

Read more about it here.

More Books to Inspire You

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