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Last updated on May 27th, 2022

Find a Travel Partner, Meet other Women, and Share Tips + Recommendations in a Secure, Private Forum

The world is a different place now, and we need different tools to make good decisions. In some ways, there is too much information, making it hard to know who to trust.

Do you want to connect with other women?

Are you looking for advice for solo travel?

Do you want to find a travel partner?

Do you want first-hand advice and tips from like-minded women?

Are you concerned about your privacy on social media? 

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But there’s always Facebook, right?

Recently, Facebook went offline. It made many of us wonder how much we rely on that platform. We know many of our readers don’t use Facebook for security or privacy reasons.

While Facebook is user-friendly, it is not free, despite what you may think. It is also not secure. Facebook tracks and logs everything you do and everything you write, even when you’re not online. It sells your personal information to advertisers – and that’s just the start of how they use your information.

Private networks built around a single, common interest, on the other hand, are growing exponentially. Just like our JourneyWoman Forum. Privacy, security and safety are core principles for us. That is why we invested in building our own community on our website.

60 Minutes: How Facebook is Misleading the Public (October 4, 2021) 

Travel Has Changed Forever

Since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, everything we know about travel has changed. We have questions now about things we never considered before. Things that can have a profound impact on our lives, and the lives of others.

We are the world’s most trusted resource for women travellers

JourneyWoman is unique – it’s a website, but it’s also a community. A community that has been trusted and beloved by women for almost 30 years. From the beginning, JourneyWoman’s mission has been to help women to travel safely and well.

The JourneyWoman Forum is 100% private. We do not track anything you do or anything you say on it.  We have new security and anti-spam protocols, as well as a new identity verification registration requirement. We also own and control our own software and hosting environment We can respond quickly to your needs because we are a small team, and. And we truly care about you. To us, you matter.

 Connect on the JourneyWoman Forum

This is your Forum, built with your input and ideas.

The Forum is organized by topic, based on things you told us you wanted such as:

  • Find a Travel Partner to help travel cost-effectively 
  • Meet up with a like-minded woman while travelling (or at home)
  • Travel Tips, including insurance, solo travel, budget travel and more
  • Must-See Travel Destinations organized by country 
  • Course material, presentations and videos (available to those who register for our courses). 

This a secure place where you can ask questions, share travel tips, find a travel partner and meet up with a like-minded traveller at home and abroad.

To join, you’ll need to agree to our rules, which you’ll find on the registration page. 

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Getting Started

For the time being, the Forum is free to use, but to make it as safe as possible, we have created a new identity verification process, which includes confirming your email, a small credit card payment (for verification) and a phone call. If you sign up, please give us a day or so to call you and then you can get started posting and sharing. We’d love your help getting it started and hope you find this helpful!

You can find it at or simply by clicking FORUM on our website.


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