Using Curiosity as our Compass: Welcome to Spring!

Last updated on October 28th, 2021

What are you Curious About?

Before we do anything, we prepare. We ask questions, we educate ourselves and learn from each other. Even though we can’t travel right now, we can prepare ourselves mentally and physically for what is to come. We can give ourselves time to work through our fears and shift our apprehension about the future into excitement and anticipation. We can look to women who have gone before us and learn from them as our role models.

It feels like we are all learning together. This time is revealing a lot about who we are, how we manage emotions, what gives us joy, and what bring us down. There is a certain simplicity in this time, as we minimize our lives down to what is needed. It feels like we are being given the opportunity to discover ourselves in ways we hadn’t expected.

Call for Editorial

It’s no surprise that our editorial theme for May and June is Curiosity: Approaching familiar destinations with openness; how to travel mindfully in a distracted world; the art of conversation across language barriers.

In May and June, we’ll be exploring the trend of Road Trips and RVs, introducing a new section on Accessible Travel, and expanding our destination coverage, largely through the generosity of our community. We’ve got new perspectives on Palm Springs, markets in France, Tennesse, London and so much more!

A preview of some of our content:

Conversation Starters: Think about the most colourful and meaningful conversations you’ve had on your travels. They likely started with a question based in curiosity versus politeness. We’re collecting your best get-to-know-you travel questions and our team will be answering a selection of them so you can get better acquainted with us.

Using Curiosity as Your Compass: Have you ever been somewhere and have a question bubble up in you that cannot be contained and you find yourself asking it? Something as simple as “what is that?” or “where does that alley lead?” In this feature we explore the times that asking a simple curious question has led you to an amazing experience, sight or person on your travels.

MzAdventures: Our humour column is back, stocked full of your hilarious travel fails, crazy experiences, and best-ever stumbled-upon travel hacks.

Life Lessons from Seasoned Solo Travellers: We bring you a summary of the best insights, anecdotes and advice from our recent Facebook Live and Zoom panel discussion with three women with decades of travel and solo travel experience under their belts.

If you are interested in contributing a Tip or Article, please review our Submission Guidelines here.  You can also send in an inquiry or a few bullet points to and we’ll give you some feedback.  Our Full Editorial Calendar is here if you’re curious about what’s next!

JourneyWoman Travel Group on Facebook

Our JourneyWoman private travel group on Facebook was launched in January 2020 and is now at over 1300 members. This is a wonderful place to introduce yourself, share a bit about yourself and ask questions. We share what we see out our windows, our aspirations for the future and travel memories – all to keep us inspired and optimistic about the future!

A very special thanks to our two new moderators this month, Marion B and Margaret B., who are doing an incredible job bringing their positivity and optimism to the group. Thank you ladies!

JourneyWoman LIVE sessions

We are continuing our weekly JourneyWoman Virtual Community Calls, held on Fridays at 10 am EDT., and a series of upcoming JourneyWoman LIVE sessions covering Optimism, Italian Cooking and a very special discussion on Motherhood to mark Mother’s Day on May 8.  You can learn more about these sessions here or visit the Events section on our Facebook Page.

JourneyWoman Book Club

Evelyn (the original JW) started the JourneyWoman book club a few years ago.  Like so many of us, she found inspiration to travel in books. We have a lot of book suggestions that have come through from our community, so we decided to re-start the Book Club! YAY!  Thanks to Wendy B, we’ve compiled a shortlist of six books to get started with, which you can read about below. Let us know in the comments if you’d like to help run the book club, or have additional suggestions. You can also visit our Facebook Group where live polling is happening!
We are so fortunate to have each other, and connect in a place where we can share our stories, our grief, our struggles and our hopes for the future. We’re being given a precious gift, to join together and learn about the true nature of generosity and kindness.  We’re expanding our definition of resilience and resourcefulness by adapting and changing with each new step we take.


Keep taking that first step, and inspiring the women around you to do the same! #takethefirststep

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