10 Things to Discover on the new JourneyWoman Website

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Discover the new journey woman

Last updated on October 28th, 2021

Welcome to our New Home!

JourneyWomen: You asked for a website that was simple, clean, and easy to search. What we are delivering you is just that. Of course, it’s so much more than that. It’s a reflection of Evelyn Hannon’s legacy. A touchstone for the JourneyWoman brand, and Carolyn Ray’s vision for carrying it forward. A home for the editorial content our team sweats over so you can read, laugh, cry, smile, nod knowingly, and be inspired. A place where your voice can be heard. A beacon showing the world what it means to be a JourneyWoman. A call to action to join our community of authentic travellers.

Our content is unique and valuable, and it’s important that we protect it. We can do this by reinforcing our copyright and trademarks (JourneyWoman is a registered trademark that we own). More than half of our content comes from you – our community – including tips, guest articles.  The rest is written by our editorial team. To protect our editorial and photographs, we have disabled right-click. While this may make some of our content hard to save, drag onto your desktop or copy, it does reinforce our intent – which is to protect and safeguard our stories, photographs and tips.

Get ready to take a journey of discovery through our new home. Your new home away from home. Here, we present our guide to what’s new and cool things you can do.

What’s new:

  1. Explore Destinations: Looking for information on a specific destination? Use our handy searchable world map to explore and discover (or rediscover) content filtered by country! See a place that’s missing? Send us a tip or article ideas!
  2. Customize your content: Only interested in content that fits your travel style? Search for the articles, tips and deals most relevant to you using filters like Solo Travel, the Older Adventuress or Road Trips. We’re planning to add new categories as we develop new content.  Let us know what else you’d like to see!
  3. Take a Tip, Leave a Tip: We’ve culled through over 3000 tips from the past 20 years and included those that are the most timeless and relevant. We invite you to take a wander through these and add your own.
  4. Browse our Feature Articles: This magazine-style section highlights our top editorial features and contributed articles from our community.
  5. Make your Voice Heard: You now have the ability to comment on all articles and add your voice. This is your community. Let us know if you see content that is outdated. We’ve also created simple forms for you to send in your stories, tips and ideas.
  6. Search the Women’s Travel Directory: We’ve expanded this section to include women-friendly products and services, as well as tours.  To be included, all of our tour partners must align with and support our vision of authentic travel.
  7. Get your Hands on our Ebooks: To create content that is both fun and functional, we’ve created free downloadable ebooks that combine practical tips from longer articles into an easier-to-digest, bite-sized format.
  8. Travel in Style with our New Gear: We’ve created a line of JourneyWoman branded accessories to help you travel safely and well. We’ll be launching our first line shortly, once manufacturing resumes.
  9. Delve into our Evelyn archives:  We know how special Evelyn was to many of you. We’ve created a special section to honour her with some of her most iconic articles. Dip into this archival treasure whenever you want to travel down Memory Lane.
  10. Things we Love: This is our ‘best of’ section where we profile some of our favourite, must-have items. Let us know what you think should be included!



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  1. Shirley

    Thanks for all your hard work. I’m so excited for the big reveal.


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