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by | Apr 15, 2020

JourneyWoman Live Sessions
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Last updated on March 26th, 2024

Stepping Forward Together

Our community has generously offered to host a variety of sessions to empower and support you.  These sessions are offered to you FREE (no membership fees required) by friends, families and partners who have generously volunteered to share their knowledge and insights with you. New sessions are being planned for June and July, so check our website for more updates. 

We also host weekly JourneyWomen Virtual Community Circle Zoom calls every Friday at 10 am EDT. Pre-registration is required for security purposes.  To sign up for June 12 and 18 please click here.  New registration details coming for June – July.  

Check back here regularly for updates and registration information.  We are making every effort to make these sessions available at different times to accommodate different time zones (suggestions welcome).  If you are a Facebook user please join on our Page so we can keep the Zoom link available for those not on Facebook. For security reasons, pre-registration is required for Zoom.

If you missed it

Good news!  You can watch all of our JW Live sessions on our new JourneyWoman YouTube channel here, or you can click on the links below to watch a specific video!

Please Note: We’re grateful to our speakers for offering their time, energy and expertise to help our community during COVID-19 through free webinars. In recognition of their generosity, and to support our efforts as a small business, we’ve started a Pay-What-You-Can initiative. If you find these sessions valuable, please consider supporting us at Thank you to everyone who supported so far!




May 26 The Secrets of BeesBees are crucial to our planet’s ecosystem, and they’ve also been declared an endangered species. Beekeeper Tita Manice has travelled all over the world and met with beekeepers in Africa, Italy, Bhutan, France and Bali (to name a few) and will share her perspective on what we can do to protect our bee population.  Tita also produces Best Bee Savvy, an antibacterial, anti-fungal salve used by travellers to protect them from disease. She’ll show us her hives (which contain over 60,000 bees each), and speak to the critical role of the Queen Bee from her farm in Vermont, and what we can learn from them about hope, renewal and resilience.

Watch it on YouTube here


May 21

Travel Knitting Circle: Somehow, travel and knitting/crochet (or just a love of things crafty) seem to go hand in hand. 

Join us for our first-ever exploration into all things yarn with our JourneyWoman webmistress Melissa Fox and yarn queen Amanda Caswell. We’re going to talk fibre faves, WIPs that are keeping you sane (or driving you crazy), and those projects that fit in an overhead bin (or, as we prefer, comfortably under the seat in front of us). So get comfortable in your favourite chair, bring your recently finished projects, pour a glass of your beverage of choice and let’s get knitting!

Recording to come
May 19

Stepping into Bravery: We are all in an uncertain situation at the moment and many companies have already decided to lay people off. It is very scary when we don’t know where the next paycheque is coming from or when our lives will be back to ‘normal’.

Vanessa McDonald has taken her own personal experience to start a new journey as the founder of Courage Creator and author of The Brave Journal. She says: “Without the clarity of when our brothers and sisters in the healthcare industry will be able to gain control over Covid-19, it can be hard for many of us to watch from home as they are fighting this on the front line for the rest of us. You may be at home but, you do have a choice right now. Either surrender to victimhood or wait for someone to tell you what to do. Or, you can access your inner leader now and make the decision for yourself. Let’s help each other find our own sense of bravery on our own terms.”

You can read more about Vanessa in our Q&A “Being Brave in 2020“.

Watch it here


May 8

Portraits of Motherhood: Lessons from Kenya with LInda Higdon, Global Heart Journeys

In honour of Mother’s Day we celebrate the sacred role of Motherhood. Join Linda Higdon, Global Heart Journeys, who will share her deep observations of motherhood in Kenya, the role of women and their connectedness to each other, nature and community. Linda has worked with the women of Kenya for 20 years and has led “Women’s Journey to Kenya” for the past five years.

She’ll be interviewed by Carolyn Ray, Publisher of JourneyWoman, who had her own transformative experience in Kenya almost two years ago on a service trip.

Click here
May 7

Cook in Tuscany: Rolling Pici with Linda and George Meyers

Join JourneyWoman partners George and Linda to make Homemade Pasta and Tuscan Sauce

Since we are in Tuscany we would like to invite you to join us as we make traditional pasta found only in our area of Tuscany. We will be rolling Pici and making Tuscan sauces. Making pasta is more about the experience of rolling pasta than eating it! It’s an enjoyable event to be shared with your family and friends. And…don’t forget to include an Italian wine (or two)!

With a love of food and travel, George and Linda found their calling in Tuscany. George, a pilot, and Linda, a school teacher, spent their summers traveling the world in search of local customs. “I never wanted to be a tourist–I wanted to be a local,” says Linda of her years of travel. “I found myself bringing home souvenirs from local grocery stores.” During his journeys around the world, George has cooked and eaten in both obscure and off-the-beaten-path kitchens around the world, as well as restaurants run by famous Michelin-starred chefs. During his “travels” to Italy George could often be found in the kitchen making pizza with the women of the local villages! “I want to share my experiences and passion with our guests,” says George.

Click here
May 5 Shifting from Crisis to Optimism: One Day at a Time with Natalie Stratton Click here 
April 28 Life Lessons from the OG Solo Travellers Click here
April 21 How will COVID-19 Impact Travel? Top Travel Writers share their predictions Click here
April 19 Exploring your Creativity: The Calming Influence of Art with Melissa Harris Click here
April 17 JourneyWoman New Website Celebration To come
March 25 Shebana Coelho: A Guided Creativity Session To come


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Zoom Resources

JourneyWoman has a paid Zoom Pro account which allows us an upgraded experience from the free account. Zoom allows both video and non-video communications. Each participant must have registered in advance to receive a password, and the host will review all participants before the call begins. You can connect on your phone or computer using a link or dial in to a toll-free number. When you join, you will be put in a waiting room until approved.  To ensure privacy, we have disabled screen sharing. During the call, the host may mute you so that others can be heard.

Joining a Meeting

Zoom security and safety:

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    Carolyn, I really enjoyed the Tuscany event today. Is there a group on May 18 and May 22? I thought i registered but don’t see any further info.


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