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As the original solo travel resource founded in 1994, we are respected and trusted by women around the world.

With almost 30 years of publishing history, we seek to provide content that inspires curiosity and self-discovery through travel.

We create a safe, inviting place where women:

  • Research, learn and find inspiration from our editorial, tips and events
  • Connect and share their stories with other women by sharing first-hand tips and stories
  • Plan and build their travel adventures together
  • Support women-owned businesses with our Women’s Travel Directory, which provides women-friendly tours and retreats
  • Buy women-recommended products and services while supporting JourneyWomen partners and other small businesses
  • Create enduring friendships, personal content, a support network and lasting travel memories!

We believe all women should have access to our editorial

We have a different business model than other websites, because of our belief that all women should have access to information about safe solo travel.  We don’t charge for our editorial or ask you to pay a membership fee to access our articles.

We are a small team of women, in service to women — and our editorial is written by women, for women. We support the operation of our website through generous donations from our readers, advertising revenue from partners listed in our Women’s Travel Directory, pay-what-you-can events and webinars, brand partnerships and commissions paid to us when our readers purchase products recommended on our site. All products mentioned on our site have been recommended and used by our readers.

As an active, participatory member of our global community, we ask that you subscribe to our emails, share at least ONE travel tip a year and join in our live or virtual events. And of course, we want you to recommend JourneyWoman to women who love travel or aspire to become solo travellers!  We welcome your feedback at any time – contact Editor Carolyn Ray at

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Charitable Organizations

We donate proceeds from our activities regularly to non-profits that empower women.

Our readers are mature, active, adventurous women – the world’s most influential travellers


Solo Travel Thought Leadership Reports + Surveys

We collaborate with our readers to produce insightful reports.

TravelReady: 2022 Solo Travel Outlook
(December 2021)

TravelReady: Women’s Travel Budget
(August 2021)

TravelReady Budget Survey results

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(June 2021)

Once in a Lifetime Travel Survey Results

TravelReady: Solo Travel Safety Survey
(April 2021)  

TravelReady: Solo Travel Lifestyles + Readiness
(March 2021) 

Travel readiness survey results

The Risk and Reward of Solo Travel: Embracing Uncertainty in Post-Pandemic Travel 
(August 2020) 

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