Last updated on March 15th, 2021

In light of the strange times we are living in Girls’ Guide to Paris & Beyond is offering 10% off any bookings via Journeywoman when you mention this post on all of our 2021 trips, adventures and retreats headed all over the world. If you are interested and put a deposit down it is RISK-FREE. If the trip is postponed or cancelled, you are NOT stuck holding the bag. As we do only luxury women-only trips we never charge extra for a single supplement. Our trips are all inclusive down to the glasses of wine or champagne served with your meals. (Sponsored)

The Girls’ Guide Manifesto:

  • At Girl’s Guide we are all about camaraderie & bonding
  • We love adventure, knowledge and discovery
  • We value kindness, down-time and little luxuries
  • We delight in new-found friends, experiences and insight
  • We celebrate diversity,  in age, background and thought
  • We are globally minded
  • We don’t shy away from new tastes and smells
  • We appreciate good wine, wonderful food  (not to mention turn-down service at hotels)
  • Discovery excites us
  • Meeting new people intrigues us
  • A beautiful doorway or a vibrant vista inspires us
  • And we always say a big merci for all that life has to offer us
  • Meet as strangers…leave as friends

Read what they say: “The Experience of a Lifetime~”
To book a tour, click: Worldwide Trips with GG2P
**Mention Journeywoman to receive a free gift when you book.

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